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TMRE TV: Sundar Dorai-Raj, Google

At The Market Research Event 2011, Marc Dresner sat down with many of the industry’s leading researchers to discuss their strive for the best insights in addition to how they work with fellow researchers to find the insights they are striving for better research and insights.  This is TMRE TV.

This week we’re featuring Marc Dresner’s interview with Sundar Dorai-Raj Senior Quantitative Analyst at Google. In this interview, Sundar share how YouTube and it’s employees dive deeper to the analytics and behavioral habits of the users of YouTube.

A few of Dorai-Raj’s key statements:
- Answers are easier to come by if the right questions are asked
-The feedback loop at YouTube is constantly open to allow discovery of the needs of the user
-Their policy on failure – employees are encouraged to take chances. While that does lead to some failure, the next big breakthrough is always looming.

Watch the interview here:

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