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Speaker Profile: Colleen Fahey Rush

With the The Market Research Event quickly approaching, we would like to introduce you another keynote speaker that we will have this year at our event. This year, The Market Research Event will take place from October 13 – 16, 2008 in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel. This week, we would like to introduce you to Colleen Fahey Rush, the Executive Vice President or Research at MTV Networks. As the Executive VP of MTV Networks, Rush oversees research groups for the company by providing oversight, guidance and council. She finds insights dealing with many demographics including kids, teens, young adults, men, women, and boomer audiences. Her research focuses on engagement and understanding consumer behavior and performance across new and engaging platforms. Rush began at CBS, and followed by becoming the Director of Research at Telemundo. In 1996, she joined MTV, and before she was promoted to her current positin, she was the Senior Vice President of Research at VH1 and CMT.
Read a number of studies that have been contributed by Rush:The relationship between youth and digital technology
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We invite you to come see Colleen Fahey Rush at The Market Research Event as she presents his keynote speech on Thursday, October 16th, Driving Change and Innovation at MTVN.. (Source: ARF Board)

What Motivates People to Take Surveys?

I came across this post from Business Week this morning which discusses how Sulake used Habbo, a nine-year old virtual world that has over 100 million avatars, to survey 58,000 teenagers on topics varying from cosmetics to mobile phones. We’ve recently discussed the good and bad side of deploying online surveys, but what Sulake did was extremely clever. He utilized his online virtual world as a platform to question teens. Not only that, but he questioned teens on items that he knew would be of interest to them. The survey took roughly 31 minutes to complete, and the respondents were given an incentive to participate in the survey (complimentary credits to purchase virtual decorations and furniture for their virtual rooms). Sulake knew exactly what it would it take to get the millions of users who log-in everyday to their virtual worlds to take the survey. What incentives/prizes has your company used to entice your customers to give feedback?

The Teen Shopping Experience

An important factor to business success is how effective your communication is with your customers, and potential customers. The main point from this article on Customers Rock is that teens may very well be using other forms of media rather than the company website to learn about new products. This survey (conducted by Bizreport) tells us that most teens do their purchasing in stores, but where do they find out about all these cool new products. That’s right ladies and gentleman, the World Wide Web. This blogger’s son actually had a tough time viewing the iPod Touch demo on the company site, and that’s when he turned to YouTube instead. Marketers must first find out where teens are doing their research for products. Then they must assess whether the company website has easily accessible demos and videos, or if they should put together a YouTube video about the product in order to reach customers. What about existing customers? Well, a simple email campaign letting the customers know about their new products would make any teen feel special. The way in which we reach teens is constantly changing. The simple truth here is that teens are finding information for products on the net, so we must learn to adapt to these changing times in order to effectively communicate on their level.