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Joe Cothrel on Successful Communities

Scott Dodds recently left a comment on our post about WSJ entering the Community 2.0 space. At the end of his comment Scott directed us to a post from a speaker, Joe Cothrel from Lithium, who was at our 2008 Community 2.0 Conference this past May. Joe had blogged about the ‘Ten Warning Signs That Your Customer Community Will Fail’ that had come from his presentation at the conference. I thought that I would share today, Joe’s very informative slideshare presentation

that he linked to on his blog. Hope you enjoy!

WSJ enters the Community 2.0 Fray

Wall Street Journal has decided to enter the fray with their own social network with one major difference being that to participate, you need to be a paid online subscriber. Already there are mixed reviews as this article from ComputerWorld comments. Some positive comments have been that it is ‘a ‘nifty’ way for business owners to connect in a Web 2.0 world’. Others have been not so nice and stated that they have ‘missed the boat’.

What are your thoughts on this on this new venture for WSJ?