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Become a Better Leader and Secure Your Organization’s Future

“Companies with high leadership qualities were six times more likely to be among the top 20 financial performers of all organizations.”

Want to do your part to launch your organization into the top 20?

We are excited to announce that NACCM and the Windsor Leadership Group have partnered together to bring you a truly unique learning event: Creating Magic through Leadership & Service Excellence. This learning event offers the skills and insights you need to further develop your leadership skills (based on best practices from Lee Cockerell’s Disney Great Leader Strategies – used to train over 7,000 leaders at Walt Disney World!) and secure your organization’s spot at the top.

Visit the website for more information: http://bit.ly/1sgi2j9
Facilitator William Greenwald, Founder & Chief Neuroleaderologist, Windsor Leadership Group will lead attendees through self-exploration, Disney-based leadership and service case studies, hands-on learning exercises and group experiences in the Disney theme parks. This experiential journey will lead to personal discovery, authentic leadership development and the ability to design and sustain high performing leadership teams and service cultures.
New Registration Savings Just Announced!
We’re happy to extend a special $500 savings for you to join us at Creating Magic.
Register by Wednesday, December 17th to lock in your special savings.
Your registration includes:
??         2 days of experiential learning at Hollywood Studios and Epcot Theme Parks
??         3-day Disney Park Hopper Pass
??         Breakfast, lunch and snacks each day
??         A signed copy of Lee Cockerell’s book, Creating Magic 
??         Optional Pre-Workshop Tour: Half Day Disney Backstage Tour of the Magic Kingdom
??         Discounted room rates for those wishing to extend their stay before or after the event
??         And more!
Download the full event details or check out the agenda here: http://bit.ly/1sgi2j9
“William’s energetic presentation style and mastery of storytelling make my books come alive. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone aspiring to create a little magic in life, both personally and professionally.’ – Lee Cockerell
Register by Wednesday, December 17th to lock in your special savings of $500. Register today: http://bit.ly/1sgi2j9  
 William Greenwald & The Creating Magic Team

How the Role of the Consumer Researcher Is Evolving

As the researcher function continues to evolve, there are number of organizational models to source, mine, and activate insights. Identifying and defining consumer, shopper and customer insights functions in your organization will help focus the research, ensure improved operational efficiency and lead to synthesizing key insights and translating into omni-channel activations.

One of the biggest opportunities for shopper strategists today involves identifying future opportunities that exist in drawing correlations which happens when connecting the dots.

This means really working to identify the right problem to solve and turning to both big data AND small data as we look to predict the future by genuinely understanding the past.

When you think about how much has evolved even in the last 5 years – technology, methodologies, shopper behavior, redefined skill sets and capabilities – it makes you wonder what the shopper researchers role will look like by 2020.

The Evolving Role of the Shopper Researcher
  • Is Research Headed Back to the Children’s Table?
  • Evangelizing Insights: Amplifying the Insights Message Throughout Your Organization
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
  • Storytelling and Actionable Research Delivery
  • Effective Storytelling: Disney’s Merchandise Innovation Project
Find out what the industry has to say about the researcher function and create industry standards moving forward. At Shopper Insights in Action 2014, you’ll hear from Meijer, Mars Pet Care, Crimson Hexagon, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and more.
Translating Insights to Innovation In-Store
  • Insights on Insights: Building a Bridge Between Shopper, Consumer and Customer Insights
  • Changing Perspectives: A Journey to Customer Centricity
  • 2014 Mass Merchant Channel Study Findings That Will Change Your In-Store Activation Strategy
  • Taking Insights to Action: Retailer-CPG Collaboration in the Convenience Channel
  • Category Specific Trip Missions: Getting Beyond Stock Up & Quick Trips
Gain best practices from Campbell Soup Company, GfK, Luxottica Retail, POPAI, Dean Foods Company, 7-Eleven, Big Heart Pet Brands and more at Shopper Insights in Action 2014.
Phygical: Seamless Blending of Physical and Digital Worlds
  • How to Maximize Sales with Health & Wellness Trips
  • Understanding the Shopper: Using Technology to Uncover the True Voice of the Shopper
  • Engaging with and Learning From the Always Connected Consumer
  • The Signage Game: Using In-Store Research to Break the Mold, Streamlining Messaging, Strategy and Tactics
Discover how to integrate the store with the web in a way that works for your shoppers. Hear from these self-starters The Dannon Company, Quester, PepsiCo – Frito Lay, Ubisoft and more at Shopper Insights in Action taking place at the Navy Pier in Chicago this July.
Big Data & Super Analytics
  • The Intersection of useful and Important: Combining Data Sources to Provide New Insights
  • Shifting NPS to the Mobile Device: A Cause for Concern or Celebration?
  • Retail Trendwatching: Reality vs. Hype, and How Retailers Can Make Predictions Matter
Emerging Shopper Segments
  • Definitely Gen Z: 45 Million Loyal For Life Shoppers
  • Monetizing Millennials: Leveraging Insights Communities For a Deeper Understanding of Millennial Shopping Behaviors
  • Beyond Generic: How Private Brands Target Emerging Shopper Segments
Use the power of insights to win with new shopper segments. You’ll hear from Kimberly-Clark, ESPN Research + Analytics, Safeway and more.
Download the interactive brochure for full session and speaker information and access to exclusive video content, interviews and more.
Join your peers to create a holistic view of the shopper and the consumer to increase brand profitability and create life-long loyalty at Shopper Insights in Action 2014 and save 15% the standard rate.