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Tools & Techniques: Too Many or a Bigger Picture?

From checking e-mails, to ordering lunch, technology has fundamentally
changed how we go about our day.  Additionally, technology
has changed market research
.  Advancements are helping us become more
efficient and agile and has created brand new opportunities for obtaining valuable
business intelligence. 
Today, technology (particularly the automated kind) will
continue to supplement and in cases displace traditional tools and techniques,
but it will NOT render direct response techniques obsolete. 
At TMRE last year, Richard Owen of Crowd Lab, Ed Morofksi of
Vision Critical, Bob Lederer of RFL Communications, Sandeep Arora of
Datamatics, and Diane Chang of Intuit talked to us about why it’s important to
utilize the latest market
research technology
and tools.

The market research landscape is growing by the minute. There
are a lot of new tools around, but it’s not just about the technological
innovation ‘ it has to be about methodological innovation as well, according to
Owen. When it comes to mobile, if all we are going to do is put online research
on the phone, then we are really missing the opportunity that mobile provides
to immerse itself in peoples’ lives.
Hear what the experts
have to say in this exclusive video below:

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TMRE 2008: Who Says Market Researchers Don’t Know How to Have Fun

Vision Critical and iModerate both sponsors at The Market Research Event 2008 co-hosted an after-hour party for attendees showcasing this incredible breakdancing performance. Let me just say, having experienced it first-hand, Vision Critical and iModerate were great hosts, everyone had an excellent time, and we all certainly enjoyed the show. I can just imagine how much fun we’ll have next year! Enjoy!

How to Reduce Respondent Fatigue In Online Survey Design

I came across a series of podcasts from Vision Critical in which Amir Bozorgzadeh, Vision Critical Account Manager, tells us about respondent fatigue and how to reduce it using two techniques. I’d thought this would be a great free resource to close out this holiday weekend. Also, don’t miss Vision Critical’s presentation ‘The Keys to Respondent Engagement’ at The Market Research Event next week at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California.