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Using Virtual Worlds to Reach Consumers

I came across this interesting article in ReadWriteWeb that discusses how the enterprise has not yet quite dived head first into virtual worlds, even though it has been around since 1995. Virtual worlds are different because it recreates social interaction found in real-life in a digital space. Steven Walling mentions three key functions that can benefit virtual teams in an enterprise which are social networking, real-time collaboration between teams, and interactive training. While these functions are great, what are some functions of virtual worlds that are beneficial in reaching consumers?

Sears reaches youth market with social media

In a recent post at Social Media Today, Jennifer A. Jones discusses Sears’ new social media campaign to appeal to the youth market. They introduce their brand to the teens in quite a few ways, making a great marketing campaign that focuses on the youth from several angles.

In an effort to reach 8 to 14 year olds, Sears is spreading their name throughout the Internet on sites that teens use. They’ve gotten sponsorships with Facebook, MySpace, Seventeen, CosmoGirl, Nickelodeon and Disney. Sears has also posted games on different sites including Addicting Games, Fun Brain, and NeoPets. They’ve also introduced virtual Sears’ boutiques, fashion shows and other games at places like Zwinky, Meez, The N. In total, Sears has partnered with thirteen websites according to DMNews.
In further efforts, they’ve connected with High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens with their digital campaign. At the Arrive Lounge, teens are encouraged by the star to go back to school in style wearing Sears’ clothing. There, they can also find behind the scenes video with Hudgens, sweepstakes to enter and a variety of things to download. Sears also sets the stage in MTV’s new movie The American Mall, as the movie was filmed in a Sears location and the actors wore Sears brand clothing.