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Agenda Premiere: The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Full Program Release

Is positioned to win in today’s highly competitive,
ultra-fragmented media environment?
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference will give you
the specific tools you need to captivate today’s connected consumer.

Learn how cutting edge media executives (from Bravo, ESPN, Buzzfeed, Twitter,
Viacom, AMC Networks and more) are re-imagining the future of television as
they share unbiased insights for:

Overcoming measurement challenges,
Uncovering the next generation of research
methodologies, and
Utilizing data to drive engagement
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Summary of The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Day 3

The final day of The Media Insights &Engagement Conference started off with co-chair Tom Ziangas giving us a recap of Day two.
Once again, we had a top-notched entertaining and informative keynote speaker, B. Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International, who discussed Turning Talent into New Rockstars. Bonin talked about the challenges of media and commerce in our ever changing world (radio to TV to digital to what’s next). His comical approach to our business covered topics like multi-tasking vs smoking pot, toothbrush usage, and the addiction of social media. He also gave us an understanding of Hackonomy – the concept of breaking things to create value.
Our featured session of the morning, Post-Disruption, The New, New Media Landscape, saw Jake Katz, VP of Audience Insights & Strategy at Revolt TV explain how brand positioning should take advantage of all of the cross-platform opportunities available. He focused on the cultural shift of audiences and consumers, as well as brand behavior, and how social media amplifies traditional media. Due to all our media options, Jason tells us that the medium influences how the message is received, so don’t be everywhere, be somewhere strategically.
The last day had three groups of strategy labs. The first breakout at 11 am consisted of:
??         Developing a Global Cross Channel Measurement Plan with Vivian Takach of Netflix
??         Gen Next: Is TV the Second Screen? with Mark Loughney of Turner, Sesame Workshop’s Diane Polvere, and was moderated by Robert Miner
??         The Democracy of Downloading: What Gamers Expect from Digital Distribution with Chris Rethore and Allison Taylor from MarketCast
The next lab sessions at 11:45 am were:
??         Viral Video Hits: The Why, How and What Established Networks Can Do About It
??         Decoding the Entertainment Landscape in Latin America
??         The New Habit of Always-On Shopping: What it Means for Marketing
Comedy Central’s Shari Cleary presented an entertaining (and R rated) session about viral videos on social media and how their growth is taking the world by storm. Content experiences resemble hanging out among friends for the viewers. Self-created content also creates a platform for those lacking presence in traditional media. Fans like these videos and find them fun and easy to use.  They also like the fact that they can form conversations around them.
The conference’s final lab sessions at 12:30 pm were:
??         The Future of Online Video Measurement
??         Understanding Kids and Media Behavior in a Multi-Screen World
??         Best Practices for TV Advertising in a 2-Screen Environment
Theresa Pepe from Viacom covered all of the areas about kids’ viewing and behaviors (that Nielsen is not measuring). Kids are using more social media and digital media like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Pintrest, Skype, Pandora, and a wide array of apps. We also learned about how moms are using smart and mobile devices. Top activities for moms include listening to music, communicating/sharing pictures, browsing the internet, and playing games. And kids continue to follow mom’s lead, but kids are more likely to view TV on mobile.
The conference concluded with the Case Study Awards. This year’s nominees were:
??         Digital Acculturation: Helping Brands Engage New Canadians presented by Olga Churkina-Voigt (Fresh Intelligence) and Sebastian Fernandez (Yahoo)
??         Not So Fast: The Benefits of Fast Forward Disabling with Duane Varan (MediaScience) and Julya Fridman (A&E)
??         Longitudinal Ethnography of Media Audiencesgiven by Richard Zackon (CRE) and David Tice (GfK)
After our co-chairs gave their closing remarks the MediaScience/A&E presentation was voted this year’s Case Study winner.
Overall, this was a great conference. The lab sessions were extremely helpful, as there were some very interesting studies and discussions about how we can better use data to monetize ROI. Yet, there is still a lot to learn in our ever-changing industry, especially among millennials, social media and cross-platform opportunities. Technology is constantly changing and we as researchers need to stay ahead of the curve to be successful in reaching our audience and consumers.
Our morning keynote speakers were all entertaining, engaging, and a great way to start off each day.  Dr. Jeffery Cole, Nir Eyal, Casper Berry and B. Bonin Bough each captivated the room, and in their own humorous way had us laugh, as well as think, as they each shared great insights about media, brands and viewers.
Our co-chairs, Tom Ziangas and Jess Aguirre, along with our event producer Rachel McDonald put together a fantastic program, and I am looking forward to next year’s conference in Ft. Lauderdale.

About the Author: Jim Bono is a TV industry veteran of nearly 25 years, working in Cable TV research for over 20 years.  He’s coming up on his 15th year with Hallmark Channel and Crown Media, where he is VP of Research and heads the department on the East Coast.  A Long Island native all his life, Jim is married to his best friend and wife of 23 years and has 2 wonderful teenaged sons.

Live from #MediaInsight: Second Screens: Building Show and Advertising Engagement

Kimberly Maxwell, Senior Director Strategic Insights Research, VIACOM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP explains how second screens can enhance engagement 

We live in a multi-screen nation – 4.4 hours of daily leisure time is spent in front of screens.
There’s no greater time to be a TV fan – 2013 had the most hit TV shows ever, and there are more ways to access content than ever before. 
Second screens “aren’t competing…they’re completing the experience.”
70% of the total population uses a second screen while watching TV – and 40% engage with a TV show AND use second screens when viewing TV.  
Phases of second screen usage:
1.0 – the original emergence of social media
2.0 – apps give us new ways to consume TV content
3.0 – this is where we’re heading – custom apps that provide a curated experience, such as the Little Mermaid iPad app that accompanied the theatrical release
Second screens are now feeding anticipation.  Networks can use social media and digital platforms to keep people engaged, even during the off-season.  
Engaging shows can enhance the high with second screen experiences.  Here viewers aren’t distracted by second screens, but are using them to follow what others are saying, play games, look up background information, etc.  
Engaged second screen users are 3.5 times more likely to say that they “feel more excited about the show I’m watching.”  They are more connected, and pay more attention while watching TV.  These viewers are also more apt to feel positive about brands that sponsor quality programming, and to seek products they saw in/advertised on their favorite shows.  
For advertisers: give consumers content to extend the high, create custom experiences, and own the space with complementary ads – ads that match the content of the the show itself in terms of theme, style, etc.    
Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Analyzing TV & Consumer Behavior: Insight from A+E, AMC, AOL, Nat Geo & Viacom

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that everything centered around the television? Having the entire family unite to watch a particular TV show was a tradition and a marketer’s dream.

Now, the whole family might gather for appointment TV – but with second and third screens at the same time. Understanding how people consume media and what opportunities lie in translating these understandings into new innovation is what the future is all about.

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference is about unlocking new insights to drive growth and influence smarter decision making, specifically as it relates to media engagement. You’ll hear how:

‘ A+E Networks is using a management tool to analyze total video consumption on TV, VOD, SVOD, DTO, and digital websites/apps

‘ A new, innovative approach to research provided marketers at AOL with insights into consumers’ multiscreen behavior and advertising effectiveness

‘ Qualitative and quantitative sources helped AMC grow their audience watching multiple programs on the network

‘ National Geographic Society is inspiring the next generation of explorers through new media outlets

‘ Sophisticated data synthesis techniques have armed content marketers at Viacom Media Networks with tools to craft more fact-based promotional strategies

And much more. Download the brochure for the complete agenda and session descriptions. Mention MEDIA14BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate on your pass.

How can you truly engage Consumers across Media platforms?

What do you REALLY know about today’s media consumer? Deepen your understanding of what they do, why they do it and how you can truly engage with them across media platforms.

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference is bringing together the best minds in the media industry to challenge your thinking, accelerate new ideas and create the partnerships of tomorrow.

Features Speakers include:

Today’s Media Landscape: Separating Fact from Fiction on Today’s Media Consumer
Jack Wakshlag, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting System
Jack contrasts the findings of current best in class data vs. views based on self-reports and the views of pundits, experts and prognosticators. He will separate fact from fiction on today’s media consumer.

The Future of Social Media and TV Measurement
Beth Rockwood, SVP Market Resources and Advertising Sales Research, Discovery Communications

A panel of leading measurement companies and users will discuss their experience, debate the option and make us better understand better the social sea of possibilities.

Live, Public, Conversational: Recent Learning from Twitter Research
Jeffrey Graham, Global Ad Research Director, Twitter
Jeffrey will focus on new learning about how people use Twitter, and how companies are using the social platform to connect and engage with Twitter users.

How Digital Has Disrupted Consumer Behavior Forever
James McQuivey, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester, Author, Digital Disruption
Find out how smart media companies are using digital tools to learn more about what consumers really want and how to assess your company’s readiness to engage in the digital disruption consumers are ready for.

Plus industry leaders from: A+E Networks, AMC, DirecTV Latin America, ESPN, Facebook, HBO, Netflix, Redbox, Viacom and more.

Save 15% off the standard rate by using your blog reader code when you register to attend: MEDIA14BL.