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Verizon Asks Less of Their Customers and More from Their Technology

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T-Mobile Reigns Supreme Again in Customer Service

This post on techGEER.com highlights how even though T-Mobile’s indoor reception and network might not be 100%, its customer service is something to brag about. According to J.D. Power and Associates 2nd volume of 2009 Wireless Sales Satisfaction Study, T-Mobile USA has ranked on top of the list as the nations most satisfying wireless carrier.

The survey was conducted from January 2009 to June 2009 and it involved more than 8,000 wireless subscribers. It will be interesting to see how the other big companies like Verizon and AT&T will respond and react to these survey results.

Verizon tools help you fix FiOS yourself

The Technofile.com reports today that Verizon has implemented tools to help customers fix their FiOS services themselves.
The New York-based telecom unveiled its Verizon In-Home Agent, a computer program subscribers can download to help them trouble their own television or Internet connections without having to call the company’s customer service. The application, which for now is only compatible with the Windows operating system, gives users the ability to run the same troubleshooting applications technical service agents run when customers call them. In addition, the program can help users set up their Wi-Fi connections, configure e-mail accounts, set up voice mail.Will Verizon fix its customer service woes by allowing customers to fix things on their own–or will it be more of a disaster for the telecommunications giant?

Verizon and T-Mobile Stay Ahead in Wireless Customer Service

This post on ZDNet shares that according to JD Power and Associates wireless customer service has improved overall since 6 months ago. The wireless companies that led the rankings in customer service were Verizon, T-Mobile, and Alltel.

Some significant number changes include average wait times changing from 6.58 minutes to 5.5 minutes and the percent of calls that were resolved on first contact changing from 66% to 76%. Here are other trends identified by JD Power on the ZDNet post:

  • A third of contacts are about the cost of service.
  • Among customers that contact their carrier two to three times to fix an issue, 17 percent are likely to switch carriers. If a problem is solved in one contact, 10 percent are likely to switch.
  • Fifteen percent of contacts are due to calls or text messages from carriers.

Verizon to tackle customer service issues

Long Island Business News reports that Verizon has owned up to their poor customer service issues and according to their blog, have released a set of new procedures that the company will follow to enhance its relationship with customers.

Here is the copy of their revamped online customer support:

Online Customer SupportFirst, need help right now? To chat with or e-mail a customer service representative click here. It might just be the easiest and fastest way to get help, ask a question or wrestle a problem to the ground. Another great way to ask questions and find help is right here on the Verizon Community Forums, where users help users get answers. We established the Forums last summer, and they’ve become an increasingly popular place for customers as The New York Times recently noted. We have also a streamlined way for customers to get the help they need online. Our consumer support site, www.verizon.com/residentialhelp, provides customers with self-help procedures for an array of topics concerning broadband, television, telephone and wireless products and services. The Web site has earned praise from the Association of Support Professionals, and customers are using it to answer technical and product questions on their own.
What do you think of the procedures that Verizon has outlined with its customer support? What other changes can Verizon do?