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Research Pays ‘ An International View

Today’s post comes from Tim Hoskins, VP of Client Relations at Quester. Quester is a sponsor at The Market Research Technology Event 2012. Quester?? has over 30 years of experience in uncovering the qualitative insights that are necessary to make businesses successful.  If you’d like to join them this April 30-May 2, 2012, in Las Vegas, NV, register today and mention code MRTECH12BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

Research Pays ‘ An International View

Source: Logo Resources

It is very likely that Nike will soon recover from their latest sneaker name. In short time you will have to actually search long and hard for the articles and blog posts on the internet. For the time being though, it has become the topic of conversation with others bringing up reminders of other companies who have had the same misfortune (read about the Black and Tan here). We will probably never know how the oversight occurred and personally, I think it may be best if we don’t.

What we can derive from this is that due diligence and research will always pay off in the long run. With the emergence of online qualitative software tools, interviews with your consumers can take place with a click of a button, even though you may be separated by an ocean.

In a study we conducted at Quester, we focused on conducting qualitative discussions with respondents in their natural language in the following countries; United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany and France. In total, 1226 respondents were interviewed around the topic of bottled water and the role that it plays in their lives. The average data collection time period was around one week per country.

For more details on how the interviews were administered, and the cultural nuances of each country, please feel free to download the paper here, or watch/listen to the presentation here.