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About the Author:
Ryan Polachi is a contributing
writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be
reached at rpolachi@IIRUSA.com.


SoundCloud Innovates Customer Experience

Retail companies today are constantly looking to create a
more unique and personalized customer experience through innovative strategies.
In a recent poll by FastCompany, the 50 top innovative companies at present
were decided. The company that stands out the most for me is SoundCloud.
SoundCloud is currently now is now the world’s largest
single audio platform used by DJs, musicians and other creators. It has 12
hours of content being uploaded every minute and is a revolutionary platform
for upcoming artists to publish their work in the hope that it may be discovered.
It is not just for DJs and music specific artists either; podcasts, audiobooks
and many more are uploaded. There is even a page by NASA that plays audio clips
of what’s happening in space.
The audio company has designed itself to make sure
everything is catered for the convenience of the user. Personally, as someone
with a huge enthusiasm for music and new artists I find SoundCloud is a great
platform for exploration within different genres. With a Soundcloud profile I
can see trending music which people are enjoying at that time and can ‘like’
them so I can listen to them anytime on my profile. There is also an option
when listening to the song to add to a personal playlist for others to listen
to and share in your musical preferences that may not have heard before.
The sharing component of SoundCloud is what I believe sets
it apart from other audio platforms. The sharing is key both on and off the
site. On the site, it is a great tool for sharing new music and a feature that
I believe is key when putting out new music is people’s ability to comment on
However the comments are not just at the end of a song but comments can be
made mid song, at different times. So for and up and coming artist they can put
out new material and if people dislike certain bits the artist can go away and
rethink which is incredibly useful in producing new music.
Sharing on social media using SoundCloud is also much easier
than with other audio sharing platforms. Soundcloud clips can be embedded into
social media posts such as tweets or Facebook posts and so can be played with
one click without being taken to a new webpage. Recently, SoundCloud introduced
ads, which now gives artists an opportunity to share in the money from the ads that
play before some audio clips. This gives more popular trending artists revenue
as well as exposure on the site.
SoundCloud has expanded massively since its creation and now
has apps available so it can be accessed on the move and for premium users,
offline as well. The audio platform provides users with a way of not only
finding music they love but collecting their favorites to be listened to and
shared with each other in playlists. Audio is a huge medium for people’s
enjoyment and Soundcloud’s innovative design is convenient and useful for
customers. I believe it will continue to grow, dominate it’s field and help
discover new talents.

About the Author:
Harry Kempe, a marketing intern at IIR USA, who works on various aspects of the
industry including social media, marketing analysis and media. He is a recent
graduate of Newcastle University who previously worked for EMAP Ltd. and WGSN as
a marketing assistant on events such as the World Architecture Festival, World
Retail Congress and Global Fashion Awards. He can be reached at hkempe@IIRUSA.com

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About the Author:
Ryan Polachi is a contributing
writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be
reached at rpolachi@IIRUSA.com.

Smartphones: A Perfect Way to Reach Stranded Travelers

IHG’s Holiday Inn Express iPhone App

Mobile is a booming channel for travel companies. For my company, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), annual gross mobile booking revenue has risen from $2.5 million in 2009 to over $130 million in 2011. Most importantly, it is letting travel companies reach a new segment of customers: same-day bookers, those that are buying transportation and travel lodging the same day that they are going to use it.

Same day bookings account for nearly 65% of the bookings that are made on the InterContinental Hotels Group mobile apps and mobile websites and other travel companies are reporting similar numbers through their mobile products. In contrast, same-day customers only account for a small percentage of bookings made on desktop websites. A large portion of these same-day customers are likely stranded travelers. Travel companies can now reach these stranded travelers through their smartphones using mobile apps and mobile websites in order to turn the anxiety of being stranded in an unfamiliar location into a positive experience, resulting in revenue and great impression of the travel company.

IHG has developed some best practices for how we approach crafting apps and mobile websites that willl meet the needs of stranded travelers:

  •           Focus on 2 to 3 Core Tasks

    Smartphones dont have the large amounts of screenspace that a desktop computer has, travel companies must decide on the 2 to 3 most important tasks for the stranded traveler and focus on delivering those.

  • Empathize With the Stranded Traveler
    The best way to decide what those 2 to 3 tasks are is to walk in the shoes of a stranded traveler. On your next trip (if you’re brave enough), wait until you land at the airport to make a hotel reservation. What information do you need to make the booking and what are the pain points?

  • Make the Purchase Path FAST and EASY
    Travelers will have their hands full of luggage and tired children. They will be rushing to find a hotel room before the last shuttle leaves the airport. They may be in foreign territory with spotty or expensive data connectivity. The purchase process must be highly streamlined or customers will abandon the purchase. IHG’s mobile apps open directly to a map of nearby hotels with prices for that night.
  • Don’t Forget the Post-Purchase Experience
    The strength of the smartphone is it goes with the traveler once the booking is made. How can it assist in not only booking, but every aspect of the travel experience. For example, provide real-time driving directions from the user’s current location to the hotel.

The opportunities for travel companies to reach stranded travelers is growing fast and the risk of frustrating an already frustrated user is high, but if travel companies start with these basic guidelines to drive their mobile apps and websites then the end result should be positive travel experiences for their customers.

Darin Wonn is Product Manager for Mobile Apps at InterContinental Hotels Group. Follow him on twitter @darinwonn.

To hear more about IHG’s work in the mobile marketing space, join us this March at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Darin will be speaking on The Mobile Traveler on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012. Download the brochure here to learn more.

The Teen Shopping Experience

An important factor to business success is how effective your communication is with your customers, and potential customers. The main point from this article on Customers Rock is that teens may very well be using other forms of media rather than the company website to learn about new products. This survey (conducted by Bizreport) tells us that most teens do their purchasing in stores, but where do they find out about all these cool new products. That’s right ladies and gentleman, the World Wide Web. This blogger’s son actually had a tough time viewing the iPod Touch demo on the company site, and that’s when he turned to YouTube instead. Marketers must first find out where teens are doing their research for products. Then they must assess whether the company website has easily accessible demos and videos, or if they should put together a YouTube video about the product in order to reach customers. What about existing customers? Well, a simple email campaign letting the customers know about their new products would make any teen feel special. The way in which we reach teens is constantly changing. The simple truth here is that teens are finding information for products on the net, so we must learn to adapt to these changing times in order to effectively communicate on their level.