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Wearable Use for New Year’s Resolution Weight Loss to increase 20 Percent in 2015

What your New Year’s resolution? I’m sure many of yours,
just like mine, is to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. Well, we aren’t
alone. But, will we keep our resolution throughout the year? According to a new
study The
Psychology of Weight Loss
, no we won’t.
Eighty-three percent of Americans are actually expected to
lose the New Year’s weight loss resolution battle, according to the study on
consumer behaviors conducted by Instant.ly, a consumer insights platform
provided by online market research company uSamp.
“We know wearables were all the rage in 2014, but most
stories in the media focus on telling consumers what the use cases could
be,” said Andy Jolls, CMO of uSamp, in a statement. “For the first
time, the public is reporting that these devices have paid off, but the
staggering gap between those utilizing such tools to reach their goals and
those missing their resolutions all together should tell marketers they need to
do a better job of reaching consumers and educating them about product
To complete the study, Instant.ly polled over 1,000
respondents nationwide to dive into the behaviors and psychologies behind the
commitment to diet and exercise. It shows that by the third week of January, 24
percent of Americans will quit their “get fit” programs, blaming the
inability to resist the temptation of junk food (46 percent) or being spread
too thin with the pressures of family and work (31 percent).
Despite the failure rates, many respondents are looking to
digital devices to help them shed pounds. In 2015, more than 20 percent of
respondents plan to use a wearable fitness band or application to track their
weight loss, while 21 percent who say they’re already using one. The study also
shows that 28 percent of respondents know that their use of a fitness wearable
has helped them reach their fitness goals in the past and they’re looking to it
as a path to success.
Jolls said, ‘Our study yields direct opportunities for
marketers to capitalize on the benefits of gamifying weight loss or better
showcasing a rewards system when dieters hit milestones.”

About the Author:
Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist of the 
Marketing Division at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print
journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and
technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs
Next Big DesignCustomers 1stDigital Impact, STEAM Accelerator and ProjectWorld
and World Congress for Business Analysts
, and a regular contributor to Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event,.
She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where
she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She
can be reached at aciccatelli@iirusa.com. Follow her at @AmandaCicc.

How to Move the Needle on Advertising Effectiveness

Measuring advertising exposure continues to be a key pain
point in the advertising world, but new measurement platforms have enabled
firms to become much more sophisticated and analytical in scope.
One example is media analytics and marketing accountability
innovator, InsightExpress, who is at the forefront of embracing new
methodologies for measuring advertising effectiveness. With vast industry
expertise, inventive methodologies and an exclusive brand marketing analytics
platform, InsightExpress helps agencies, publishers and advertisers to measure
and optimize their marketing initiatives across digital and non-digital media.
In their upcoming webinar ‘How to Gain Real-Time
Insights and Produce Actionable Data: InsightExpress Moves Needle on
Advertising Effectiveness’
on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 2-3:00 PM (ET)
Marc Ryan, Co-Chief Executive Officer explores how he and his team streamlined
their measurement and analytics by integrating revolutionary methods for data
collection like real-time access to qualified audiences. Joining him is the SVP
of Products & Technology at uSamp, Daniel Ross, explaining how self-serve
sampling API’s can drive the process of advertising effectiveness with
automation access to audiences. Together, they have collaborated to capture the
previously immeasurable.
About uSamp:
the fastest growing company in the Market Research Industry, is a premier
provider of technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and
business insights. uSamp’s leading-mobile technology and SaaS platform
transform the way companies gain intelligence to make better, faster decisions
about their products and services by tapping into uSamp’s 12 million member
global panel of survey respondents.
Through uSamp’s proprietary technologies for self-serve
sampling and survey authoring, companies have on-demand access to millions of
profiled survey respondents. uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with five offices
throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The company has more than 200
team members worldwide. uSamp was No. 213 on the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 exclusive
ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies and is recognized on
the 2011 and 2012 Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list.
Reserve your webinar
seat now: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/v8o7rwaiax7w&eom
Please mention priority code: 00R25D3KA

TMRE Awards Offer Research Innovation Barometer

Part Two: EXPLOR Case Studies Showcase Real-World Innovation Excellence
By Marc Dresner, IIR USA

Last week, I posted the first of two interviews with the respective sponsors of what I like to call The Market Research Event’s ‘innovation barometer’: The EXPLOR and Disruptive Innovator Awards.

My first interview featured Tom Anderson, architect of the second annual Disruptive Innovator Awards and founder of Next Gen Market Research (NGMR), an online community and professional networking group for market researchers with nearly 13,000 members.

This week, I’m pleased to take you inside the prestigious and venerable EXPLOR Award competition, courtesy of my friend, Chuck Miller, chief research officer at uSamp, and co-founder/president of DMS (acquired by uSamp in June 2010 from AOL).

Q: Please tell us briefly about EXPLOR.

The EXPLOR Awards started over a decade ago to highlight the best uses of online research, which at that time was in its infancy. As for its name, it represents the desire for our industry to embrace change and exploration, and it originally stood for Exemplary Performance and Leadership in Online Research.

Over the years as online research gained traction, we broadened the focus of the award to showcase ALL innovation in research’technological or otherwise. Since doing so we’ve received even more interesting case study submissions each year, which makes this a really fun process! Winners and finalists have included many marquee brands and Fortune 50 companies. And in recent years we’ve had strong representation globally too. The best part of EXPLOR is its focus on tangible, practical applications that a client and a provider have implemented with successful results.

Q: Last year’s finalists each provided compelling case studies, but there can be only one winner. What ultimately set the 2010 winner, American Water, apart?

You’re right, Marc. Last year we had a really nice variety of finalists with great clients submitting. The American Water application was an awesome example of what EXPLOR embodies. It stood out because of its sophistication and scale’the aggregation and analysis of 40+ data sources that drove strategic direction and business development at their company. The work of the American Water, Digital Research and ThinkVine teams fundamentally changed the way this 7000-plus-employee company pursued business. The application was so valuable that the American Water CEO gave a demo of the tool at their annual investor conference. It was a great demonstration of the power of research-driven insight.

Q: What surprised you the most about the submissions, in general, that you received for last year’s competition? Why?

Honestly at this point in EXPLOR’s history, it takes a lot to surprise me. Year after year we’ve had great, innovative submissions demonstrating all types of organizations are embracing change. I guess one thing that continually impresses me is the wide variety of submissions we receive, and the variety of organizations submitting them.

Q: What themes/trends in research do you predict will be most prominently represented in this year’s submissions? Conversely, what do you expect to see less of this year?

I think we all know the key areas of industry interest these days are social media, mobile, and biometrics’lots of innovation there. I’d expect to see submissions in those areas, but again, the differentiator will be how those were used to create business impact. Even when the tool is sexy, that isn’t enough. The Organizational Relevance criterion of the award is always the tie breaker.

As for what’s run its course, I’d say we’ve highlighted plenty of large, multi-national measurement programs over the years. It will take something really compelling to ‘wow’ the judges. But you never know, there might be something out there we haven’t seen before. I hope so!

Q: What advice do you have for prospective entrants this year?
The submissions that standout are those that demonstrate creativity and innovation. We always have a nice mix of judges’some new to EXPLOR judging (generally past award winners) and some that have judged for many years. It helps to have the consistency of the latter group, folks that can say ‘been there, done that.’ And the new judges bring fresh perspective to the review process. I’d say something we always welcome is sophisticated analytics. Submissions that dig deep into insight delivery get the attention of our judges, most of whom are seasoned researchers and excellent practitioners.

The landmines to avoid are submissions that have a weak case study attached and/or those that look like pure capabilities pitches from a provider. We get those every year, the worst of which don’t even make it to the judges. So, the best advice I can give is to bring us your cool innovations that have helped an end-client see or do something totally new. The bigger the business impact, the better!

Editor’s note: For those of you who pride yourselves on fresh thinking, nominations for the EXPLOR Award are open through August 31, so don’t delay.

The winner will be announced and honored at The Market Research Event in Orlando, November 7-9.

For more information or to submit a nomination for EXPLOR, please visit www.iirusa.com/research/tmre-awards.


Marc Dresner is an IIR USA communication lead with a background in trade journalism and marketing. He is the former executive editor of Research Business Report, a confidential newsletter for the marketing research and consumer insights industry. He may be reached at mdresner@iirusa.com. Follow him @mdrezz.