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Introducing uSamp’s Mobile Market Research and Polling Application

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the solution of choice for researchers and marketing professionals looking for instant, onsite feedback. With uSamp Mobile Solutions you can conduct research that gauges customer experience ‘ at the time that it is happening ‘ providing you with relevant insights and validated, actionable data. Additionally, uSamp Mobile Solutions provides you with the tools you need to:

Conduct mobile diary studies ‘ Understand how people use your product, brand or service by asking them to share their experience while they do it in real time

Stimulate brand engagement ‘ Understand which consumer segments scan QR codes, the source and location of these scans, and use the resulting data to help you develop and deploy more effective marketing campaigns

Conduct surveys with the added bonus of geo-validation ‘ Ask questions anytime, anywhere, and ensure that every answer is valid. Request a photo or video along with feedback for higher quality results

Measure ad awareness and exposure ‘ Embed images and videos to test ad concepts. Ask respondents to recall an advertisement upon check-in to a location. Track respondents, inviting them to take a survey if they have passed by a location that exposes them to a specific ad or outdoor board.

Get instant feedback after an event ‘ Learn what worked and what didn’t during a sponsored event. Use the QR code on the back of a concert or movie ticket, launch a survey following a trade show or in-store product demo.

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About uSamp: uSamp, the Answer Network, is a premier provider of technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and business insights. uSamp’s solutions and SaaS platform transforms the way companies gain intelligence to make better, faster decisions about their products and services by tapping into uSamp’s 8 million global panel of survey respondents. Through uSamp’s proprietary technologies for self-serve survey authoring, self-survey sampling, and private-label panel management, companies have on-demand access to millions of profiled survey respondents. uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with five offices throughout the United States, Europe and India. uSamp ranked #11 in the 2011 Forbes America’s Most Promising Company List. For more information please visit www.usamp.com