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The iPad promotes market research participation

The USA Today recently looked at how the iPad is helping market research firms collect more information. The Olinger Group, who collects survey responses in malls, has begun to see people ask to participate in market research polls due to the new technology they are using. While there are a few downfalls, such as heat damage and potential crashes, benefits such as immediate information collection and analysis and willingness of participation by subjects make the downfalls null.

Has your company switched to collecting survey results via iPad? Would you consider doing it? Do you believe that the financial cost of the iPad is paid for via the amount of surveys that can be collected?

Image: The USA Today

Is there a need for more privacy online?

The USA Today has a news story discussing the current push by consumer and privacy advocacy groups asking Congress to begin to protect consumers rights online. Currently, online sources have free reign to collect data on habits to predict one’s internet search. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is strongly opposed to regulating privacy on the internet, and this is the first time advocate groups have spoken out against the advertising policies online.

While tracking internet habits is critical for a business, do sites like Google need to be freely monitoring all internet surfing habits? Should Congress listen to consumer groups and take steps to protect internet surfers privacy?

Delta Arms Customer Service Reps with Red Coats (Again)

Facing a high rate of customer service complaints, Delta Airlines will reequip its customer service representatives with red coats. This move will hopefully enable flyers to easily locate customer service representatives to assist them with their travel.

Charisse Jones of USATODAY reports that, “the agents returned to New York’s JFK airport last summer and made their debut this month at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson. By summer’s end, 600 agents will be walking the concourses and gate areas of 14 airports, including LAX, Orlando and Washington’s Reagan National. The return of the elite agents is perhaps the most visible sign of an airline ramping up personal customer service rather than reducing it at a time when self check-in is the norm and passengers often have to pay extra to have an actual person book their flights.”

What other efforts, fashion aside, could Delta do to enhance its customer service teams to better serve its flyers?

For teens, a friend online is usually a friend offline, too

According to an article in today’s USAToday, teens real life (or RL friends) are often their friends online and vice versa. This research squashes the idea that teens are, as a whole, actively seeking new friends online and that they may be succeptable to predators. This reasearch was found in a 2008 study by the University of California researchers asked 251 teens about their face-to-face friends and those they communicate with via social networking and instant messaging. For more information, please visit the original article here.