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7 Tips to Improving Customer Service

I came across this post on SEOhosting.com that highlights 7 tips for offering “better” customer service. Every company plans on offering better customer service but it’s time to actually buckle down and go through with it. Here are the 7 tips the post includes:

1. Offer online chat – customers want to be able to chat immediately especially if they are having a technical glitch or problem

2. Use Twitter – Comcast and Southwest Airlines are just a few examples of great companies that are being proactive and not reactive to customer complaints by using twitter

3. Have a FAQ section – this can reduce a lot of calls to customer service by simply having a webpage with dedicated answers

4. Include a search function – make your website more friendly by allowing consumers to search for specifics

5. Post contact info on every page – don’t make it difficult for customers to get in contact with you

6. Increase response time to emails – make sure to answer all emails at least within 24 hours

7. Ask how you can improve customer service – constantly ask what are more ways to improve your service

Is Twitter Part of Your Customer Service & Support Strategy?

Despite outages, Twitter can be a useful tool within the support strategy of your customer service department. Parature.com highlights a recent article Mashable writing, problem resolution – it’s the main goal of customer service and Twitter provides a platform for a fast, easy response possibly in a single tweet; positive brand image – when someone receives service they like, they talk about it and Twitter provides a viral platform to spread the word which can lead to more sales and more attention; staff involvement – Twitter provides a more interesting platform for support representatives to serve the customer and provides immediate visibility into the impact they make; cost reduction – what every support organization wants and with Twitter it’s necessary to be short and to the point reducing the time required to solve each problem.

If you’re using Twitter, how can you take it a step further for a better integration between service and customer? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Twelpforce: Best Buy’s new customer service

In an article at the Examiner, they look at Best Buy’s new effort to reach a tech-savvy crowd with customer service. They’ve launched a new Twitter, Twelpforce, to combine both online customer service and online marketing and sales. Customers ask questions either @Twelpforce or add the hashtag #twelpforce to their entry, and someone within Best Buy will respond to your question. Employees from throughout the company will be chipping in to answer questions from customers. This launched on July 19, and has since accumulated 2,531 customers.

6 Reasons Your Customer Service Needs Twitter

Kevin Stirtz of AmazingServiceGuy, writes six reasons why you should implement Twitter use in your customer service.

1. It will bring you closer to your customers.
2. It will make you smarter.
3. It can put you ahead of your competitors.
4. It’s cool.
5. It’s free.
6. It’s new.

Stirtz expands on his reasoning at his original post, which we encourage you to read.

If you are or aren’t using Twitter, how do you think the micro-blogging technology with enable businesses to better connect to their customers?