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UPDATED: Hey Boston! Join us for a Tweet-Up!

Social Innovators Tweet-up! Join us and other attendees from around the world, leaders in innovation and social media, as we converge on Boston for 3 major industry conferences. Mix and mingle with the best and the brightest market researchers and innovators on May 3rd at Lucky’s Lounge.

Monday, May 3

Lucky’s Lounge
355 Congress St.
Boston, 02110

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Free Web Seminar – Unlock a Better Business Strategy with Text Analytics

Start Date/Time: Thu, Nov 19, 2009 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

With SPSS text analytics, you can read documents, blogs, wikis, tweets, e-mails, call center notes, surveys and other free form text ‘ and turn the insight you gain into a true strategic asset. We’ll show you how to use text analytics with social media and other Web 2.0 sites to understand trends, and what your customers want, and how they’ll behave. We’ll demonstrate using text analytics in modeling to make your models better, and how to use automatic translation from more than 30 languages to make sense of your global customer base.

Your customers are talking about you, and you can gain a genuine advantage by knowing what they are saying. Attend this webinar and learn how you can ‘listen in’ ‘ and act on the information to gain a competitive edge.

This webinar will show how to:
- Use text analytics to make sense of any text, including Web 2.0 sources such as social networking sites
- Use the information to get a better understanding of your customers, your products, and your competitors.
- Make sense of free-form text resources, and act on the insight you gain
- Unlock predictive secrets from text sources, and combine that information with structured data to build powerful predictive
models that can inform decision making.

Featured Speaker
Jane Hendricks, Product Marketing Manager, SPSS, an IBM Company

Mention priority code MWS0026BLOG when registering:

Google now features Twitter in Google Ads

Google is now selling ads featuring tweets. The ad offers the five most recent tweets from a specific account. The first company to jump on board for this is Intuit, who owns tax giant Turbo Tax. They’re trying to increase their Twitter followers as well as add a human aspect to the brand, because they believe that microblogging humanizes the brand.

Seth Greenberg, the director of marketing at Intuit said,
“We could have used this as an acquisition vehicle, but we’re looking at it more like a conversational vehicle. We’re measuring this [in part by] how many followers can we get. Can we get to 100,000 by allowing people to know we’re a resource? We’re not going to hard sell you on the product, but we want people to know there are lots of people here who can help answer your questions.”

Read the full article here.

How to Increase your Twitter Followers

I came across this guest post on TechCrunch from Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg and cofounder of Revision 3, in which he highlights 10 ways to increase your twitter followers. After all, Kevin is the 2nd most followed person on twitter with 88,000 followers, only second to President Obama! Here are his tips:

  1. Encourage your followers to retweet your links.
  2. Fill out the bio section on your page, people want to know you.
  3. Put links to your twitter profile everywhere on the web.
  4. Tweet about things that you are passionate about, and #hash tag them.
  5. Broadcast your twitter account in the physical world, ex: business cards, presentations, podcasts, etc.
  6. Take lots of pictures because they are heavily tweeted and retweeted.
  7. Start contests to get you in the number one spot.
  8. Follow top twitter users and see what they tweet about, this can give you some ideas.
  9. Reply to/get involved in #hash tag memes.
  10. Track your results to see how well your profile has grown.


Twitter as a Target Research Tool

Karri Flatla recently posted on Search Engine Guide several ways on how to use twitter to research your target market. Here are a few of these tips:

“Chat up your friends and family.”
Take polls and tweet about topics that relate to the market you are trying to understand. You must stimulate conversation and be interactive in order to achieve results.

‘Talk to strangers.”
Find people in your target that you do not know and shoot them a question.

“Immerse yourself in popular culture.”
Take a notepad with you and jot down any gems you come across in Twitter.

“Divine the answer.”
Follow the trends and techniques of competitors, which is rather simple to do with Twitter.

“Check the polls.”
Use the search engine to track new tweeps to follow.

Are you using any of these tips for market research in your company?

Twitter and Word-of-Mouth marketing

Jeremiah Owyang recently discussed the power that word of mouth marketing has, especially when combined with Twitter. The rapid speed at which information can be disbursed on Twitter makes it a powerful source for this type of marketing. If someone takes the time to retweet what you’ve said, not only did that take it as a source of information, but they went on to share that information with all of their friends.

How to Efficiently Blog and Tweet

For many with the advent of community 2.0, there came an onslaught of tasks designed to take up our time. Just the simple tasks of reading and managing all of the blogs, and Twitter streams we subscibe to can take hours out of our day. The author of this post, that I just came across today from sagecircle, provides tips and tricks oh how to manage social networking time better. In the authors own words, by using the tips listed in the post, he has:

“reduced my social media traffic monitoring time from several hours a day to 30 to 45 minutes. The process now feels much less burdensome and much more efficient. I now look forward to the times when I check the blogs and Twitter because it’s a fun break from my other tasks.”