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TrenzWalk – Getting Out Of the Office to Explore Global Trends

Market Researchers constantly look for trends in data, but today to close out the InsighTech 2015 experience we went in search of a different kind of trend.

Mikel Cirkus looks for trends on TrenzWalks, hitting the streets on foot to focus on global themes in street art, and San Francisco has some of the most vibrant street art around. He led our group today and introduced us to the work of artists like CrayoneBode, and Nate1. We even got to hear from Lisa Brewer, who encourages and provides a safe space for these artists to create by donating her time and money to support their work as well as encouraging local landlords to allow murals to be painted on their walls.

A few of the murals on the TrenzWalk during InsighTech 2015
Obviously street art trend spotting is a good barometer for what themes are becoming “cool” in underground culture, but the reality is these themes will eventually bubble up to many people (also known as consumers) in all walks of life. I must admit, knowing what is cool in street art might not seem immediately relevant to brand insights work, but training ourselves to recognize visual and cultural themes across the globe certainly is. (And it is also TONS of fun)