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Is your customer service suffering?

Is your customer service suffering? DelMarva Now recently took a look at what the possibilities could be for your customer service: employees are not trained, some employees may not care about their job, and the employees may be burnt out. What would you suggest as a way to monitor these three things? What steps would you take to correct these actions that may be diminishing your customer service?

Invest in your employees

The 1to1 Blog recently wrote an article that once again placed customer service on the shoulders of the employees. When a company invests and trains in their employees, the customer experience is ultimately a better one. A great example is this one from PetSmart:

Molloy explained that employees are trained, for example, to move dog owners shopping for dog food “up the aisle” from grocery brands to mid-priced “bridge” brands to premiums brands. Since pet food accounts for the bulk of PetSmart’s revenue, having engaged employees who are comfortable with and trained to move customers along the value chain can make a significant impact on the bottom line.