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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words or Researchers

Among all our great coverage, here on our blog, our twitter feed, and our shared twitter discussion, and LinkedIn group, we’ve also been sharing great moments during the conference through our Flickr group. Here’s a look at our photos as the conference kicks into gear. If you’re in attendance, have a camera and are taking candid shots, be sure to join the group and share your photos. Participation is always welcome!

Your company and market research

In the latest issue of the TMRE LinkedIn Roundup, we asked several questions of our readers. Now is your chance to weigh in, too! Results will be posted in March’s edition of the TMRE LinkedIn Roundup. If you haven’t had a chance to join our LinkedIn group, join now!

Do you believe your market research budget will be cut?

Has the research sector of your company downsized in the current recession?

Has your company downsized because of the economy?

Getting Ready for The Market Research Event 2008

Well its finally come and the team is actively preparing all the final details to create the best possible event for those of you attending. But to help bring a taste of TMRE 2008 to everyone, we’ll be here covering as much as we can, capturing and recording different presentations, speaking with presenters and other delegates, and sharing as much detail as possible over the next few days. If you are attending, be sure and subscribe to our blog feed so you can easily review our latest updates. Also don’t forget to create your own custom agenda to help you prepare for all the great speakers, presentations, and networking opportunities.

We’ll also be emailing and posting to our LinkedIn group, so if you haven’t joined the group yet, take advantage, use it as a networking tool if you are here at the conference, or to reach out to other colleagues who may not be in attendance but also have the expertise and desire to share and interact with their peers. We’ll also use the discussion forums to invite attendees and those who aren’t on hand to give their thoughts and impressions, begin discussions, as well as present questions for our speakers. I’ll try and invite you all to submit your questions, and let us know what your thinking of and what you would like know from our great speakers.

Today are a few workshops, so I’ll take the time to meet those attendees and speakers and share their thoughts as we gear up to launch TMRE 2008. As you’ll see from the next post, we’ve brought in some friends to help give a great perspective on everything going on over the next few days. If you are attending, I hope you’ll come up and introduce yourself. I’m excited to meet many of you, have the chance to get your impressions of the event and the great content you are interacting with.