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How Neuromarketing is Revolutionizing the Market Research Industry

Did you know the subconscious portion of our brains actually makes as much as 95% of our daily decisions, without us even being aware of it. Our senses flood our brains with 11 million bits of information a second, but our conscious minds can only process 40 bits a second.

What does this mean for retail marketing? If you learn what the brain loves, what it looks for, and what it avoids, you can create products and packaging, marketing materials, and store and aisle designs that attract the subconscious – that ‘iceberg’ inside our heads that lies submerged below the much smaller surface of our consciousness. Find out at The Market Research Event as Dr. A.K. Pradeep, CEO of Neurofocus, Inc. details the Seven Dimensions for Shopper Marketing Success.

Dr. Pradeep was the highest rated speaker among over 100 presenters at the 2011 Shopper Insights in Action Conference where he received rave reviews. Download the TMRE Brochure find out more about his presentation and to see the full program plus receive a copy of the 2010 TMRE Executive Summary.  The Market Research Event 2011 will be taking place November 7-9, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.  Friday, August 19, is the last day to register and save $400.  Mention priority code TMRE11BLOG.  With over 1200 market researchers from at least 17 countries, you won’t want to miss this one of a kind event!

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Join Anne Mulcahy, Former CEO of the Xerox Corporation at The Market Research Event for her much anticipated Keynote Presentation: Leading a Transformation: The Role of Leadership & Insights.

One of the most admired leaders of her generation, Anne Mulcahy has been widely credited with transforming Xerox Corporation, where she served as CEO for nearly a decade.

On a practical, day-in, day-out level, what can leaders do to navigate sweeping change in their organizations? What are some of the blind spots that can be avoided, and how? It is often said that communication is critical, but there is seemingly little advice about what you should say – especially at those pivotal, difficult moments.

During her Keynote Presentation, Anne Mulcahy will offer insights on the lessons learned over the decade she led the remarkable transformation at Xerox and the critical role of listening to your customer.

The Market Research Event is the world’s most comprehensive market research event – bring you more speakers, more topics, more global perspectives and more client-side representation than any other MR conference. For more on this year’s Program and Presenters, download the brochure.

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