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A Look Back at TMRE 2009: Don’t Forget to Visit the Booths at TMRE 2009

The Market Research Event 2010 is taking place this November 8-10, 2010 in San Diego, California. Every Friday leading up to the event, we’ll be recapping one session from The Market Research Event 2009.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Booths at TMRE 2009

There’s a lot going on in addition to the many workshop presentations at TMRE 2009.

Several exhibitors are showing their stuff in between sessions and during the cocktail reception coming up this afternoon.

Here are just a few of the “tried and true” exhibitors. Make sure you stop by and check out their booths–many are offering an opportunity for goodies in exchange for your business card!

And here’s a glimpse of a few of those taking advantage of networking opportunities while you’re here.

Getting Shopper Insights Off the Ground at Dr. Pepper Snapple

Jacob Ratner, Research Director at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG) gave an awesome presentation on the organization’s road to developing a shopper insights strategy! He touched on some of the trends evolving with retailer/manufacturer relationships.
He remarked on the trend I have also seen the last few years in the relationship between retailers and manufacturers. Retailers are creating their own insights projects vs. leaning as heavily on manufacturer’s research findings. They are wanting to be a bigger decision-maker in every stage of research.
He also talked about one of their big ‘aha moments’ when moving to a shopper insight focus vs. a heavy brand consumer focus: The Shopper is Not (always) the Consumer. Knowing the consumer is one thing….but what if that consumer is not the shopper? Likewise, the shopper is not always the consumer. This insight alone has driven much of their work in the last year. His passion for looking at the shopper and consumer in different ways yet holistically (as shown in his Venn diagram) was a key take-away. Thanks, Jacob, for sharing!
Here’s more from Jacob regarding the presentation:

The Skinny on Marketing Research at Facebook

Well, I am here for my first session at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas. What a great first session to blog about: Facebook. Meg Sloan, research lead at Facebook and Brant Cruz of Chadwick Martin Bailey shared a little glimpse of what life inside Facebook is like.

Currently, Facebook has 300 million users worldwide and at least 1/2 of their users go to the site daily! Wow! How do they do it? Here’s a tidbit….
Their guiding principles include:
New School
Synthesis & Story-telling
Meg also gave us insight into how they view their small marketing research team:
1. Try our best to act like the rest of the org
2. Radical focus on the roadmap and prioritization
3. Making sure we all are doing things we feel strong at each day (staying motivated)
4. Supporting each other/sharing information/work etc.
5. Be nimble and use our resources and relationships to their fullest.
And last but not least: Ruthless Prioritization as well as Have Fun and create an awesome workplace. Their Q3 planning meeting involved pedicures–sign me up!
You can see more about life inside the marketing research team at Facebook. Check out this video about “life at facebook.” Oh, and by the way, they currently have a marketing research position open for anyone who is interested…
I’m now a little more motivated to spend time on my facebook page

Live at TMRE in Vegas

Well, hello. Here I am, blogging again for IIR live at The Market Research Event 2009 in Las Vegas. We are at the Red Rock Resort and Casino and it is rockin’! Wow, what a great conference site–here’s the view from my room!

It is cool to be back for the 2nd time. Last year was my first Market Research Event. This

year, I recognize a few faces and have met a few of you throughout the year.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re here in Vegas for the event, please let me know if you have something valuable to add to the blog.
Hope to meet you. April Bell

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TMRE 2009 Keynote Martin Lindstrom Interviews Seth Godin

The Market Research Event 2009 keynote speaker Martin Lindstrom interviews Seth Godin in a video interview as seen on AdAge.

Video Link

About Seth Godin:

Godin is author of ten books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about marketing, change and work. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages, and his ebooks are among the most popular ever published. He is responsible for many words in the marketer’s vocabulary, including permission marketing, ideaviruses, purple cows, the dip and sneezers. His irrepressible speaking style and no-holds-barred blog have helped him create a large following around the world.

Seth’s latest book, Tribes, is a nationwide bestseller, appearing on the Amazon, New York Times, BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. It’s about the most powerful form of marketing–leadership–and how anyone can now become a leader, creating movements that matter. The Miami Herald listed it among the best business books of 2008.

Bio courtesy of sethgodin.com

Seth’s Blog

Using Google Insights For Niche/Market Research?

Are you using Google Insights for Market Research? Blogger Ben Johnson has a great post on how exactly Google Insights may be used for Market Research. Johnson writes, “So what is Google Insights? Basically it’s a tool which allows you to compare and analyse search volume and patterns for your specified search terms over a given period of time, area of the world or a specific category.”

Not only does Google Insights allow real-time data, but the clear charts really make it worthwhile for market researchers.

What other free software is available for market researchers? What tips can you share for analyzing the market for a particular product or service?