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Brand research in social web – what about B2C2C communication?

About the author: Christian D??ssel is blogging about market research in German language here and here. After having worked for TNS, TBWA and other strategy and market research agencies he now holds the position of Senior Research Director at MM-Eye in Hamburg / Germany with special responsibilities for MM-Eye’s new media and online research approaches.

Stating the obvious, Facebook’s 714 million unique visitors worldwide in May 2011 (according to comScore) make it the largest social network amongst all. The immense coverage of social networks has animated brands to spread their branded content on social networks in general and specifically on Facebook.

Whereas there are more or less tried and tested instruments to examine coverage, brand exposure and so on for the distribution of branded content and advertising on traditional channels for years, for branded content via Facebook this is not the case.

There is hard evidence for the quantitative assessment of users of brand pages on Facebook (so called “fans”), but almost all relate to the pure number of fans. Coverage is equated with the number of fans in most of the cases.

This is only the first half of the story, as current research shows the effect of branded content on Facebook (such as the study in collaboration by comScore and Facebook, link to the white paper (for free, but you need to register).

In addition to the fans of brands on Facebook, where marketing as well as market research focus on, the friends of the fans are moving increasingly into the centre of interest. One reason for this is the fact that the number of friends of the fans surpasses the number of brand fans by far across almost all brands (comScore states factor 34 for this relationship for the top 100 U.S. brands on Facebook).

Another reason for paramount importance of friends of the fans can be seen in the fact that over 25% of the time on Facebook is spent with reading, viewing and tracking of the newsfeed (timeline). This area is the part of Facebook where messages of friends are displayed, including their interactions with brands that they are “friends” of. The effect of this pure and additional brand impression is to be evaluated significantly more intense, because impressions don’t come from the brands but from the friends.

Therefore in this case, and unlike to traditional media, it is required to investigate further research in this “B2C2C communication” to understand the modes of causal relationship.

I’m curious about how the two topic “social networks” and “brand perception” will be presented and discussed at this year’s “The Market Research Event 2011” presented by IIR USA in November 2011.

No insight without context!

About the author: Christian D??ssel is blogging about market research in German language here and here. After having worked for TNS, TBWA and other strategy and market research agencies he now holds the position of Senior Research Director at MM-Eye in Hamburg / Germany with special responsibilities for MM-Eye’s new media and online research approaches.

Some time has passed since “contextual insights” was promoted (by Bruce Tempkin and others) as a great opportunity to deliver and activate insights.

Contextual insights – as the opposite of pure statistical analysis – need a broad and deep understanding of our clients’ business. In other words contextual insights are “‘observations drawn from data that resonates with an understanding of the business’.

We benefit from contextual insights primarily by understandingt he business context for the interpretation and application of the results, combined with adequate data.

I like the idea very much, I think it’s extremely charming. We might need more than data to deliver good insights. We have to dive deep into the client’s business world and understand the context of their needs and opportunities.

But that’s not easy in every case (and btw. that’s the reason why highly specialized companies more often employ their own market researchers instead of commissioning external agencies’) Social Media Data is a perfect field for contextual data. Although there are tons of data, they weight nothing without appropriate context information.

This is a graph of more than 10,000 Facebook status messages, where people have reported that they have separated.

What is clearly missing here are real “contextual insights”, because the data reveal only the “when” and not the “why”. But as a starting point for analysis and as a pool for building hypothesis social media data could be quite interesting.

The question that remains is whether this is already the end of the road or if there is more.

Let’s see what we can learn from the 2011 TMRE11 in November, hosted by IIR USA. There is a nice track called “Activating Insights”. Really looking forward to it ‘

Online access panels, natural communities and online research communities ‘ what, when and why?!?

About the author: Christian D??ssel is blogging about market research in German language here and here. After having worked for TNS, TBWA and other strategy and market research agencies he now holds the position of Senior Research Director at MM-Eye in Hamburg / Germany with special responsibilities for MM-Eye’s new media and online research approaches.

Online, Social Media Monitoring, Research Communities ‘ It has been a long time ago since market research was affected by that huge amount and speed of change. Not only in order to marketing their own services, but also to face the challenges new words, phrases, tools, brands and so on have been established.

No wonder that confusion sometimes is still quite large.

One approach that became a popular representative of new methods in a short time is the approach of online research communities, also known as Market Research Online Communities (MROCs).

There are different definitions of Online Research Communities, but they all have a common base: “An Online Research Community is a platform that is used exclusively to generate a deep understanding of needs, attitudes and the reality of life of specific target groups.”

So we don’t talk about access panels with a focus on quantitative research and we don’t talk about natural communities full of customers’ conversation, like brand communities, Facebook pages or topic related community sites.

But of course these sources can help us finding and recruiting the right participants for an appropriate Online Research Community.

But we have to make sure to keep advantages and disadvantages in mind:

For example people from Online Access Panels are used to the internet, but they are probably not used to community tools and have a lack of willingness to participate over a longer period of time.

On the other hand people from a natural community like a branded site or a Facebook page have rich experience with a specific topic as well as with the community tools but maybe they don’t want to participate in market research. And sometimes, especially if you are not the owner of the natural community, it might be difficult to talk to the community members.

We will learn more about research communities at The Market Research Event 2011 in November. If you look at the program you will see that IIR USA has planned a whole track for this topic. It will be interesting to follow the “Social Media & Communities” track on Monday.

Be Happy, Use Social Media

Today, our guest post comes from Peter Gold, the CEO of Veraquest. His broad range of research experience lends itself particularly well to the world of omnibus research where clients tend to have an extremely diverse set of needs. Peter’s background as a practice leader has enabled him to develop a business model that is rich in client-centric benefits while simultaneously being very cost-effective. Peter earned a BSBA from the University of Florida and holds an MBA from Boston College.  His company, VeraQuest is a Sponsor at this year’s The Market Research Event.

Be Happy, Use Social Media

Last week, we spoke about the use of social media and how it has pervaded the lives of online adults in the United States. But today we would like to reflect on whether the now-unavoidable presence of social media has had a positive or negative impact on our world.

In general, Americans tend to lean (and this lean is only ever-so-slight) to the positive when thinking about the impact of social media.

  • ’46% of online adults (only a plurality) believe that the impact of social media has been generally positive. But, the vast majority of this group is in the ‘somewhat’ positive camp.
  • ‘Approximately 1 in 5 online adults feel there has been no real impact by the introduction of social media to our world, which frankly I find hard to believe.
  • ‘About 1 in 3 feel the impact has been negative.

When thinking about social media, its greatest impact seems to lie in changing our collective intellect’ in improving our ability to absorb and reflect on information, causing us to become better thinkers, communicators, and citizens. But this change may have come at a price as emotionally and physically we seem to have lost a step, feeling more anxious and stressed and less physically active, due to our use of social

Specifically according to our data, most online adults feel that social media has caused us to become more:

  • ‘Connected to one another (81%)
  • ‘Informed about the world around us (77%)
  • ‘Willing to try new things (75%)
  • ‘Willing to take risks (67%)
  • ‘Creative (66%)
  • ‘Adaptable to new situations (63%)
  • ‘Self-confident (62%)
  • ‘Effective communicators (61%)
  • ‘Professionally successful (61%)
  • ‘Effective critical thinkers (52%)
  • ‘Thoughtful to the needs of others unlike us (52%)
  • ‘However at the same time, many online adults agree that social media has caused us to become:
  • ‘More isolated (49%)
  • ‘More anxious or stressed (62%)
  • ‘Less physically active (75%) and healthy (57%)

All that said, here is my favorite slice of the data: almost 2 in 3 online adults (64%) say that social media has made us happier ‘ and what’s better than that?

And therein lies the riddle of social media. It has caused us to become more connected, yet more isolated; more cerebral, yet less physically fit; and happier yet more anxious.

Tell us ‘ how often do you use social media? And how do you feel it has changed you personally and the way you interact with the world?

More global representation than ever before at TMRE in 2011

The Market Research Event is the most comprehensive conference in the world designed exclusively for executives in market research and consumer insights. With more than 150 sessions and 175 speakers, this is truly the one conference in the world that covers every business critical topic so thoroughly and thoughtfully, there is never a need to look anywhere else.

In 2011, we scoured the earth to bring the very best in insights together for 3 days. The representation of voices from around the world benefits everyone, including our US based constituents – giving you the greatest representation of global perspectives.

Featured Global Sessions:

  • Winning in BRIC Markets: What Amway Has Learned and How it Can Help Your Company Succeed
    • - Yogesh Chavda, Director of Consumer and Market Insights, Amway Corporation
  • Business Unusual: Addressing the <2$ Consumer Meaningfully
    • - Sangeeta Gupta, Director Consumer Strategy & Insights, PepsiCo, India
  • Consumer Insights in a Multicultural Society: A Yum! South Africa Case Study
    • - Toni Joubert, Portfolio Manager, Yum! Restaurants Southern Africa
  • Market Research in an “I’ll Have What She’s Having” World
    • - Marc Earls, Author, Herd, How to Change Mass Behavior by Harnessing Our True Nature
  • Building New Tools Internally for an Old Problem
    • - Emma Piza B??tiz, Marketing Intelligence Chief & Elizabeth Mel??ndez Guerrero, Market Intelligence Chief, Cuauht??moc Moctezuma – Heineken M??xico
  • Fast, Free, Friendly: Making Information Count in a Creative-Driven Culture
    • - Yoni Karpfen, Team Lead, Consumer Research, Disney Online Studios Canada (Club Penguin)
  • Back From the Abyss – How Customer Insights Drove the Success of the One Ford Global Plan
    • - Christine Stasiw Lazarchuk, Director – Global Market Research, Ford Motor Company

Download the brochure to see for yourself why more than 600 people have ALREADY signed on to attend.

Register by July 15 to Save $600 off the standard & onsite rate to join us for the biggest and best event yet. Mention priority code TMRE11BLOG. Register here. If you have any questions about TMRE 2011, feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com.

Your Most Critical Business Issues Addressed at the World’s Top Market Research Event

The Market Research Event is the only market research conference in the world that regularly conducts extensive research with hundreds of insights executives. This ensures that EVERY deserving topic area is covered on the agenda so thoroughly and thoughtfully that there’s never a need to look anywhere else. With more than 175 of your peers speaking on the program, you can create a personalized agenda that addresses your most critical business issues.

Hot topic symposia sessions include:
Segmentation, Shopper Insights, Social Media & Communities, Ad & Media Research, Mobile & Technology, BRIC & Emerging Markets, Trends & What’s Next

Comprehensive breakout tracks include:
Market Research & Insights Leadership, Activating Insights, Marketing & Brand Insights, New Tools & Breakthrough Methodology, Business to Business Research, Insight Driven Innovation, ROI & Measurement, Data Analysis & Integration

For more details on the TMRE 2011 agenda, download the brochure.

Register by July 15 to Save $600 off the standard & onsite rate to join us for the biggest and best event yet. Mention priority code TMRE11BLOG. Register here. If you have any questions about TMRE 2011, feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com.

Lock in the Lowest Rate for The Market Research Event!

The Market Research Event 2011 Event Preview has just been released. What’s in store for you at TMRE 2011? We’ve focused this year on bringing more networking, bigger attendance, more client side representation, more never before seen content, more diverse perspectives, and more opportunities for interaction with other participants! The Market Research Event will connect the best in insights from around the world.

We’ll soon unveil the 2011 full agenda. In the mean time, download the TMRE 2011 Preview.

Until then, we invite you to register to join us this November 7-9, 2011 in Orlando, Florida! Register by this Friday May 13th & Save $800 off the onsite rate when you mention priority code TMRE11BLOG. Register here. If you have any questions about TMRE 2011, feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com.

Announcing The Market Resarch Event 2011

The Market Research Event 2011
November 7-9, 2011 
Orlando, FL

Last year we talked about rising to the expectations. This year it’s all about leading in a new direction. Join us as we connect the Best in Insights from Around the World. Get ready for the largest, most comprehensive event featuring the highest caliber content focused on the business value of market research.

Find out more about TMRE 2011.

2011 Keynotes confirmed to date include Ann Mulcahy, Former CEO, Xerox; Mimi Ito, Professor, Digital Anthropology, University of California, Irvine; Shaheen Ivengar, Author, The Art of Choosing; Jeremy Gutsche, Founder of Trendhunter.com, Author, Explaining Chaos; Bruce Bueno deMesquita, Consultant to CIA & Author, The Predictioneer’s Game; Mary Egan, SVP, Global Strategy, Starbucks.

And now you will get even more value for your investment:

  • ‘ More content ‘ 7 symposia and 9 breakout tracks total more than 140 sessions to choose from
  • ‘ More perspectives ‘ Over 160 speakers will share lessons you can use immediately to drastically improve the strategic impact of insights within your organization
  • ‘ More open ‘ With speakers and attendees traveling from Europe, India, South Africa, Brazil and more, learn from the best in market research from around the world
  • ‘ More networking ‘ Hours dedicated to building meaningful connections with your high level peers who DO NOT attend other conferences
  • ‘ More attendance ‘ More than 1200 participants projected for 2011 with 60% representing major client side companies

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CALL FOR PRESENTERS: The Market Research Event 2011


From: Krista Vazquez
Re: The Market Research Event 2011
Event Date: November 7-9, 2011
Location: The Peabody Orlando, Orlando, Florida

Submissions due by Friday, February 18, 2011

NOTE: Presenters are accepted on a rolling basis so early submissions are encouraged.

About TMRE
The Market Research Event is all about the business value of market research. With more than 125 sessions and 150 speakers, it is by far the most comprehensive market research conference in the world. Multiple tracks and symposia allow participants to truly customize their experience based on their unique learning goals. New for 2011: More global perspectives promise to showcase the most valuable case studies and industry innovation from around the world.

Presenter Qualifications
TMRE is seeking client side executives to join the speaker faculty. Speakers can come from any department within the organization. Content must be original and not have already been presented at this or any other industry conference.

The Audience
In 2010, TMRE drew close to 1000 participants with more than 60% representing client side companies from all major industries including: CPG, Media & Entertainment, Finance & Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Durable Goods, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Technology, & Automotive and more.

Attendees have backgrounds in market research, consumer insights, marketing, intelligence, brand insights, marketing analytics, R&D, product development, innovation, customer experience, strategic planning, shopper insights, advertising and customer experience among other related areas.

Suggested Topic Areas
1. Social Media & Market Research
2. Shopper Insights
3. Consumer Trends
4. Segmentation
5. Biometrics & Neuroscience
6. Mobile Research
7. Ad & Media Research
8. MR Leadership & Strategy
9. Marketing & Brand Insights
10. Insight driven Innovation & Product Development
11. Business to Business Research
12. Data Analytics & Measurement
13. Innovation in Tools & Techniques
14. Strategic Global Expansion
15. BRIC

We are also happy to consider topics not listed here that you feel would add value and be appropriate for the audience.

Submission Guidelines Past Speakers of 2010 Those who wish to be considered for the TMRE speaker faculty should send the following via email to Krista Vazquez, Conference Director at kvazquez@iirusa.com no later than Friday, February 18, 2011:
1. Bio of proposed speaker
2. Benefit oriented title of session
3. Summary of session (no more than 150 words)
4. Full contact details for speaker including name, title, company, email, phone and mail

If your submission is selected, portions of your bio and summary will be used to promote your participation. In an effort to ensure the utmost quality, all final presentations will be subject to review by our content review board one month prior to the event.

Past Speakers from 2010
Bill Hoffman, SVP, Consumer Insights Best Buy, Susan Wagner, VP, Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson, Stan Turek, VP Customer Strategy & Shopper Insights, PepsiCo, Dan Zigmond, Technical Lead & Manager, Ad Quality & Pricing Group, Google TV, Joel Aach, VP Consumer Insights, Darden Restaurants, Mike Katz, Princial User Experience Researcher, eBay, Troy Stevenson, VP, Client Loyalty & Consumer Insight, Barry Blyn, VP, Consumer Insights, ESPN

Benefits to speakers
Each speaker receives the following:
1. Free pass to the event including access to all pre-conference symposia and workshops
2. Continental breakfast and lunch
3. Admittance to exclusive speaker networking activities
4. Unique discount code entitling anyone who uses it to 20% off the standard conference rate

Special notices to market research firms, vendors and solutions providers
This call is limited to client side presenters. If you are a vendor, consultant, solution provider, or technology provider and would like to speak at TMRE, please contact Jon Saxe at jsaxe@iirusa.com or 646-895-7467 or Sarene Yablonsky at syablonsky@iirusa.com or 646-895-7474.