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Subway Launches Text Message Ordering In NYC

Now you can “Text Fresh” thanks to the Subway’s unveiling of text message ordering in NYC. Hungry cube dwellers need not waste precious time away from the office waiting in line–they need to simply text and enjoy. According to The Consumerist, it sounds convenient once you’ve jumped through the registration hoops, although the clear downside is you’re storing credit card info on a third-party site, which is the sort of thing that always seems to come back up as a bad idea when a company’s database is breached. If you’re comfortable with that risk, however, have at it.

Do you see more companies doing this in the future? What about using social media networks to order food? Let us know your thoughts here or on Twitter.

Enhanced Customer Service through Text Messages

The worst part of taking a car to a service center in my experience is the time you wait for a call back on the status of the job, price of repairs, or whether or not the mechanics even got a chance to look at the car. According to this post TMC.net, many auto dealers are looking to improve on the customer experience by delivering text messages to customers during the service appointment lifecycle. The amount of text messages sent and received on a daily basis exceeds the total population of this planet. Astounding numbers! This is a great way to get quicker response times and avoid wasted time on approvals and chasing voicemails all day long.