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Cashing in on Twitter

For those looking to make extra cash on twitter, Tweetbucks might be your answer. This post on TechCrunch discusses how this startup is hoping to make money for users of Twitter and other social networks. Here’s how it works, Tweetbucks offers thousands of online merchant that offer referral fees, all you have to do is select a product and Tweetbucks will shorten the affiliated link for you. These links can then be added to Facebook status updates, tweets, and friendfeeds.

What’s the likelihood of this catching on since this will most likely be viewed as spam?

Why Social Networks Are Good for the Kids

Sarah Lacy of TechCrunch.com, contends that social networks are good for kids. Her theory that sites like Facebook and Twitter are more about extending your real identity and relationships online and that’s what makes them so addictive: The little endorphin rushes from reconnecting with an old friend, the ability to passively stay in touch with people you care about but don’t have the time to call everyday. It seems Ms.Lacy looks to social networks as extensions of ‘real life’ personalities–but then again, what is real life? As far as her theory on social networks being okay for kids–its a new way to grow up, and for many parents, teachers and professionals, that can be difficult to accept. We’d like to hear your thoughts.