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Manhattan’s new Target caters to all customers

In a recent article at the New York Times, they look at how the first Target in Manhattan caters to it’s diverse clientele in the beauty department. While Target specializes in providing designer makeup at stores at low prices, this is the first time the store has ventured on to Manhattan island in New York City. Catherine Saint Louis shares her experience at the new store, giving those in Manhattan a new place to shop to meet their needs. Boots No. 7 is from the UK, but Targets are the only place to buy them in the United States. In listening to their customers, they are stocking CoverGirl Queen (as in Latifah) and Iman Cosmetics.

How important is it to do market research in an area before you open a store? Listening to your customers is key to success. What are some other examples of national chains catering their selections of products to their new stores in new areas?