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Being green important to customers

At the B2B Blog, they reveal the latest studies about how consumers are looking at the new green revolution. Of the customers surveyed, three in four have defined themselves as green, and 57% of those have made a green purchase within the past six months. The younger generation, those age 18 – 34, 24% believe that it’s trendy to be green. What is your company doing to capture this new trend?

Green movement could be for market research too

In an essay I found at Ethical Corporation, they discuss the new trends in companies leading towards a sustainable environment could lead to social opportunities in many markets. The current trend these days is to go green, to make the world a better place and the humans that live in it healthier. Revelations in technology, markets, demographics and values shed light and may cause companies to contemplate the risk before they dive in, however, with the right research, these place could become a new place where risk is minimized, a new place for market insight and a place where innovation is abound. By focusing on these new social opportunities, new doors can be opened such as: new products and services, serving new and underserved markets, new business models in research and development, financing, marketing and distribution. A great place for this to start is with corporate social responsibility. By showing that companies care, they will simultaneously gain new insights into markets. Social opportunity could be the next great insight into finding your new market. Have you seen any examples of this?