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Online consumption of TV shows continues to rise

According to Media Post, within the past 30 days, 26% of Americans online have streamed a television show, while 14% have streamed a full length movie. An overwhelming amount of those numbers come from 18-24 year olds. However, the article does state that television consumption has not decreased, as the average American with internet access still watches 14 hours of TV a week. Read the full article here.

YouTube will begin hosting feature-length movies

We all knew it was coming, but now YouTube has announced it will soon be showing ad-supported feature length films. This now puts it in direct competition with Hulu, who already specializes in showing feature length films. Now the competition will begin, as YouTube receives more visitors a month and Hulu receives more money from ad revenue because sponsors are more likely to pay for video that’s full length. Find out more at CNet.

Online Video Watching Habits

In a recent study by Neilson Online, discussed here at CNet, 4.1 million children ages 2 ‘ 11 watched videos on YouTube. The Disney Channel website came in second place, with 1.3 million viewers. The average child viewed 2 hours of videos from home.
Of the 75 million adults who streamed videos, they streamed 44 videos in the month of April, and spent an hour and forty minutes. Their favorite sites for videos were ESPN and CNN. Teens, 12-17, spent the most time online at an average of more than two hours. However, the study prevailed that YouTube is still dominantly the leader when watching streaming videos off the internet. Over 73 million people watched 4 billion videos. These numbers are more than all of the other competitors combined. I think the biggest impact of this survey is how many children are watching videos online. This could impact the television watching industry and change it as we know it. We’ve already seen the CW try to cope with the success of the television show Gossip Girl online, by pulling the options for free streaming video from their website. How will this study affect the future of television watching?