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Welcome to 2012: The Year (or Decade?) Of The Customer

I came across this discussion on Focus this morning and thought it would be the perfect way to start off 2012 here on the Customer’s 1st blog. 

As we saw throughout 2011, customers are increasingly empowered to share their experiences (be it via Twitter, Mobile Apps, or elsewhere online) leading to the need for a holistic digital customer experience strategy. As we conducted our TCEL podcast series this past summer, this need was repeatedly confirmed by our industry experts.

Going back to the original Focus discussion, the first poster posits “customers are finally feeling their own power. Bank of America and Netflix are two great examples of when customers said “No!”” And it’s certainly true that the digital world provides myriad opportunities to do so. This calls to mind my other main takeaway from our Storyteller Spotlight Series and all of our exploration in 2011: that the need to make a more personal, human connection with customers in this highly digitized world (perhaps by “walk[ing] a mile in your customer’s shoes.”) is more important that ever.

So, will 2012 be the year of the customer? Is this “The Decade of The Customer”? What do you think?

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com.

Captivate your Customers through Storytelling at NACCM this November

“Attracting a new customer costs 5 times as much as keeping an existing one.” Source: Lee Resource Inc.

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Captivate your customers through STORYTELLING

Peter Guber, Chairman & CEO, MANDALAY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and Author, Tell to Win ‘ Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story

Success is often won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action. You will learn directly from Peter on how to craft, deliver ‘ and own ‘ a story that is truly compelling, one capable of turning others into viral advocates for your goal. Click here for a full list of keynotes.

Captivate your customers through LOYALTY

Mike Sachs, General Manager, CRM & Owner Loyalty, VOLKSWAGEN of AMERICA

Learn VW’s philosophy on loyalty, how it is evolving and the initiatives the CRM team are spearheading to drive cross-functional accountability for loyalty from marketing and Operations, through Retail and After Sales. Click here for the full-day Loyalty Summit.

Captivate your customers through SOCIAL MEDIA

Becky Carroll, Author, The Hidden Power of Your Customers, Community Program Manager, VERIZON

Social technologies are changing not only customer expectations but customer behavior. Your business should be using social media to attract new customers as well as engaging existing customers. Becky will share effective ways to utilize social media to achieve your customer relationship goals ‘ and grow your business. Click here for all of our ‘next practice’ talks.

Captivate your customers through EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE

Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House, Chief Culture Ambassador, ZAPPOS.COM

The story behind Zappos’ success lies behind two empowering words: Deliver Happiness. Learn the different ingredients used by Zappos.com to build a long-lasting enduring brand, including the importance of customer service and company culture. Click here for all talks on sharpening core competencies.

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The NACCM Event Team

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