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The Customer Experience Goes Digital

Check out this cool infographic from Kentico Software about customer experience in the digital age!The research behind the infographic was an eight-question survey of 200 Internet users via SurveyMonkey in February 2013, and the survey was open to both consumer and B2B brand interactions.

Engaging with Gen Y Through Social Networks

Dan Schawbel of Mashable recently listed the top 10 social networks for Generation Y in this post here, but Tim Wright of the Examiner picks out the top 5 from Dan’s list that managers should take a look at in order to know as much about Gen Y as they can. This includes their values, their interests, their styles, their clothes, and the way they think. Here are some sites that the Tim recommends taking a look at in this post. Enjoy!


Mining Twitter

Today at the New York Times, they’ve asked their readers whether it is ok for companies to mine posts of consumers for their opinions.

A few of the opinions:

Consumer privacy is extremely important. Twitter, recognizing this, gives individuals the ability to protect their messages, so they are only available to people they specify.

Consumers have fine-grained control to opt-in and opt-out of receiving messages from anyone else. The uses of information on the so-called public timeline are growing every day, so consumers should exercise the same due care with Twitter as they do with their work email.

That being said, companies should take time to consider how the use of Twitter is being used by consumers as a public replacement for the suggestion box. That should be their first priority when it comes to managing data on consumer attitudes. ‘ Brian, Denver, COAt first it seemed that twitter was a cheap imitation of Facebook, but it really is more complex than that. Journalists can utilize this tool to keep people informed at all times of the day. And if mashines can start auto sending “tweets” it could made getting information across even easier. I’m excited to see how far this can actually go. ‘ laura, Madison, WIThough twitter only represents a niche audience, it does provide a real-time example of what consumers are thinking. Specifically, it can help detect when a problem needs to be confronted ASAP.’ ALH, Chicago, ILWhat do you think? Head over to the New York Times to give them your opinion.

College admissions and social media

A study was recently published about the use of social media in college admissions offices. An astounding 41% of admissions offices in US colleges and universities have blogs. This is considerably more than the 13% of Fortune 500 companies who are currently blogging. Universities are also integrating social media into admissions, as they do research the students, 23% of universities using search engines and 17% using social networks. Click here to view the full report presented by UMass Dartmouth.

Which Websites will Win in 09?

With so much going on in “online social networking”, I find it difficult to know just where to spend my time online. It’s one more thing that has been added to my list as a B2B marketing tool.

So, I found this article in the NYTimes helpful. It gave a perspective on the sites that will most likely have staying power in the months to come. Although the audience was meant for IT professionals, I found it applicable as a market researcher, or anyone who wants to keep up with the latest business trends.

Carolyn Duffy Marson, Network World, IDG wrote the article on December 31, 2008, titled: “Nine Web sites IT pros should master in 2009.”

She claims: “Master these Web sites, and you’ll prove you can innovate during the most trying economic times. And you’ll do it more efficiently than your 20-something employees, who waste too much time chasing the new, new thing on the Internet that may not survive the downturn.”

Top of the list was LinkedIn while Facebook was discounted. If you’re interested in seeing the full list, you can view it here at the NY Times site.


April Bell

What type of research can you get from social networks?

David C. Skul has a great video up about how to use the data you get from your social networks as research. You can ask those in your targeted group for their opinions, collect data through polls, you can see the exact demographics that your targeting (as they are in your group) and it’s a way to get traffic to your site.

Watch the video here:

Social Media Reviews is the 2nd biggest Influence on Purchase Decisions

Matt Rhodes recently posted on socialmediatoday that for American adults, online reviews are only second to word of mouth in terms of influencing purchase decisions. The report was published by Rubicon Consulting, and it also goes into detail about how a consumer-to-consumer message is much stronger than a brand-to-consumer message.

That means that consumers are turning to blogs, social communities, peer reviews, forums, and other forms of social media to help them make an informed decision before they go out and spend money on a product or service. Some of the areas in which the web has a greater influence on purchase decisions is consumer electronics. Companies like BestBuy and Circuit City have incorporated customer reviews next to each product in order to aid potential customers in making the right decision.

Is your business using social media to help your customers make a more informed decision?

Making a Difference with SocialVibe

Mashable recently gave a great review of the online network SocialVibe which allows users to build sponsored widgets that give back to various charities. What’s great about this tool is that creating the widget is fairly simple, and SocialVibe does all the work in inserting your widget in existing profiles on Facebook and Myspace.

Since its launch six months ago, it has already generated over $120,000 for charities that they support. SocialVibe users don’t donate the money themselves or spam their friends, they just simply display the widget on the profile pages and click-throughs generate sponsored donations. Companies like Adobe, Apple, the NBA, and the UFC are among the sponsors involved.