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Delta Launches First Airline Social Media ‘Ticket Window’

In a press release statement, Delta Airlines has introduced the first social media “Ticket Window” that will allow passengers to book flights directly from Facebook and other social media channels.

Delta’s Ticket Window allows any of Facebook’s 500 million users to complete a full travel booking using a dedicated “tab” at facebook.com/delta without navigating to delta.com. Delta plans to expand its Ticket Window to other sites, including online banner ads to allow full booking capabilities within the airline’s advertisements.

As a social media aficionado, would you consider using Facebook to book travel? DM us on Twitter @community20 with your answers!

43% of brands on Twitter had never replied to a tweet

This is an excerpt from the Wildfire whitepaper, “Putting the ‘Social’ Into Social Media” which is available for download. The report examines the top 50 companies in the 2009 Deloitte Fast Tech; a list of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. The list is a combination of small and large companies from all corners of the technology industry ‘ both B2B and B2C – united by impressive growth figures in the last year.

43% of brands on Twitter had never replied to a tweet
But technology brands were generally not using Twitter to be social. The majority were either tweeting company news (46%) or industry insights (51%). Only 3% of the tweets were retweets, and replies represented just 12% of the total number of tweets. Underlining all of this, a shocking 43% of brands with a Twitter account had never replied to a tweet! Tech companies are using Twitter to broadcast messages, but they are not engaging with their stakeholders and are therefore missing an opportunity to build community and influence. Twitter itself makes no secret of its desire to help brands adopt the service, with the continued rumours of a Twitter Corporate service coming soon and the recent addition of the Sponsored Tweets advertising scheme.

Is this surprising to you? How many tech companies do you know that actually respond to Tweets from customers? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Social Media Helps Haitian Relief Effort

Timesonline.co.uk reports that minutes after last night’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, Twitter and other social networking sites were abuzz with witness accounts, photographs and appeals for help.

Haiti’s disaster is the next in a string of incidents that have utilized the power of social media to raise awareness, send relief and to funnel cash. This has proven to be one of the greatest powers of social media–helping others.
Here are some links to connect you to the Haitian relief effort.

I Want to Tweet You Up: What Emerging Customer Trends Mean for Your Business

As a social media professional, you’re well aware of the impact that this medium can have on your profitability and on your customer’s experience. Yet, have you set up a structure within your business to figure out exactly how and when to use social media to connect with your customers? We’d like to invite you to join Michael Tchong, Trend Analyst & Founder of Ubercool as he gives one of the many keynotes at our 2009 NACCM Customers 1st Conference this November in Phoenix, Arizona.

Join Michael as he discusses how the Twitterati are reshaping society by propelling trends faster than ever before. Follow Michael as he takes us on an exhilarating journey through the landscape of now. He will connect what these trends mean for your business and how you interact with your cusotmers. Prepare to be amazed, amused and revitalized.

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