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There is still a fear of social media marketing

This post on eMarketer highlights how most businesses and organizations have already adopted many forms of social media, the most popular being Facebook fan pages followed by twitter and then customer reviews. Yet, many retailers are still worried about losing control of their brand over social media platforms.

The goal of most online retailers is to boost customer engagement, and many believe that customer reviews were the best tool in driving engagement. One thing for sure is that businesses will have to learn to favor social media and not step away from it because there are no signs of it going away anytime soon. Here’s a chart below from eMarketer that depicts the most popular online social tools used by retailers. Enjoy!

Twitter around the world

Yesterday, we reported the surge in Twitter users due to Oprah’s recent show covering the social media tool. We’ve seen the popularity in the Untied States of Twitter, but how is it faring around the world? Thanks to a few fellow Twitterers, they pointed me in the direction of comScore’s February Twitter stats which also provided the number of Twitter users around the world. They chart is below. It was also intereting that the 18-24 year olds aren’t the core users of this applcation, but instead, it’s more likely that 45-54 year olds are more likely to be Tweeting.