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Number of Registered Twitter Users Surpass 100 Million

According to this post from Adam Ostrow of Mashable, twitter finally revealed their big number at the Chirp Conference. 105 million! Can you say shocking? Twitter continues to grow adding about 300,000 new users everyday. It is still behind Facebook with numbers boasting 400 million, but the gap is becoming smaller by the day. What does mean for communities?

The world’s largest conference company announces the launch of the Performance Marketing Expo to be held this September in Miami

IIR (The Institute for International Research), the company responsible for industry leading brands such as FUSE, Front end of Innovation, The Market Research Event, GAIM, and PREPAID Card Expo, is launching a brand-new affiliate marketing/performance marketing event.

The Performance Marketing Expo, will take place September 27th-29th in South Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Consistent with other IIR conferences, The Performance Marketing Expo features best-in-class educational sessions, industry insider top level speakers, super-affiliates with proven earning power, the premier online merchants and retailers, affiliate networks, and hundreds of affiliates eager to network and grow their business (and their earning potential).

What makes this event stand out from all the rest? It will include facilitated business networking and quality content brought to life by the best storytellers, representing merchants, affiliates and networks.

Stephanie Nelson, Coupon Mom
Todd Martini, Alex’s Coupons
eCoupons * MarketAmerica * TrialPay * Parent Media
The program is currently being finalized. For More Information about getting involved, please email kpotanka@iirusa.com or visit our contact page if you have specific questions.

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Learn How Sears, Fidelity, Pepsi and Intuit Measure Social Media

How do your social media efforts Measure UP?
Social media has been game-changing for both businesses and consumers. The power to define and control a brand has shifted from the organization to individuals, even communities.

Social networking accounts for over 50% of the page views on the Internet.
With quick consumer adoption and the relative low costs of participation, it’s become a hugely influential word of mouth marketing medium during these budget stricken times.

If you can’t measure it, how can you expect buy-in?
While most companies are participating in social media efforts, few are measuring the ROI of their efforts.

The Measure UP Marketing Conference has a full-day symposium focused entirely on Social Media Value & Measurement. This symposium will showcase corporate practitioners who are successfully tying back social media efforts to their business’ bottom line. Learn how you can build a strategy with measurement tools in place and get the commitment from your business to invest.

To see a list of all of the social media sessions, click here.
To visit the Measure Up Website, click here.

Social Media & Community 2.0 Speaker Profile: Greg Matthews, Director of Consumer Innovation, Humana

Greg Matthews
Director of Consumer Innovation

Greg Matthews is Director of Consumer Innovations at Humana. In this role, Greg is taking a broad view of consumer health to create new products, programs and services. During his tenure at Humana, he has had responsibility for start-up operations of joint venture companies like Green Ribbon Health and Sensei, and in Humana’s first European subsidiary in London. Additionally, Greg has conducted ethnographic research into business opportunities in developing markets, and has been a member of the Institute for the Future’s Health Horizons forum.

Prior to joining Humana, Greg spent his career in technology-oriented consulting firms. At Accenture, Greg worked in the Financial Services and Technology lines of business both in Chicago and in Frankfurt, Germany. Later, Greg was Vice President and Chief People Officer at Chicago-based Braun Consulting (now a division of Fair Isaac). Greg lives with his wife and two daughters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Join Greg as he presents, “Humana Innovation Center Leverages Social Networks to Help Quitters of the World Unite!” at 11:30am, Tuesday, May 4th at Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies.
Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies
May 3-5, 2010
Boston World Trade Center & Seaport Hotel
Registration: http://bit.ly/bTD2Xt

Efforts to help Haiti continue online

As we reported last Wednesday, there are many efforts going on in the online world to help those who are affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Now, the New York State governor, David Paterson, has set up an online registry for the New York State residents who were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.

Governor Patterson said this of the new registry:

‘Presently there is little information from Haiti because the earthquake caused extensive damage to Haiti’s infrastructure. Although there is a massive international relief effort under way, it will take time until Haiti’s infrastructure is restored and systems are in place to help locate and identify individuals.

‘However, collecting information now about New York citizens in Haiti will help locate them once information becomes available. Once the massive response to this catastrophe is in place, I am sure a number of organizations will work to reunite loved ones. This registry will be of vital importance to that effort.’

Read more about Governor Patterson’s online effort here.