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Social Media Influencing Holiday Purchases

InformationWeek.com reports that a recent survey by comScore found that 28% of online shoppers were influenced by info on Facebook or Twitter in making holiday purchases.

In its latest poll, comScore found that consumer-generated product reviews were the most cited social media purchase influence in the period with 13% of the poll respondents citing that category. Another 11% said they were influenced by an expert product review; followed by a Facebook fan page, 7%; a Facebook friend’s recommendation, 6%; company recommendations on Twitter, 5%; and “tweets” from a friend, 3%.

Do you think that the holiday shopping experience has gone entirely social?

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Woot.com Launches Deal Crowdsourcing Site

The venerable spot for deal-seekers just went social. Woot.com has introduced Deals.Woot.com, an attempt to turn its rabid fans into a crowd-sourced deal finding-and-evaluating machine that finds dozens of bargains worthy of a ‘w00t, w00t!’says Wired writer, Ryan Singel.

Singel continues, While Woot isn’t the first to try this, Woot has already grown a fanatically loyal user community around its sites. Already the deal site is attracting more votes per item than any previous such attempts ever seemed to.
What do you think about this move by Woot? Will we see more deal websites trying to compete in the social/crowd-sourcing arena?