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Marriotts’ VP of Consumer Insights on The Challenges and Wins of Personalization

“The next time you are at a restaurant, at a ballgame or even on vacation, your social media posts may be being watched by a number of Fortune 500 companies.” Jessica Golden, CNBC

“The once-ubiquitous social media ‘war rooms’ that sprung up around big events like the Super Bowl are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, brands are now battling to make sense of real-time data on a daily basis ‘ not just the big occasions.” Grace Caffyn, Digiday 

“If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” Vanessa Saw, Digital Executive Marriott’s Creative and Content Marketing department. Hotelexecutive.com.

Simon Hudson, in Marriott Takes Social Media Listening to a New Level tells us that “50 to 60% of customers look(ing) to social media recommendations for products like travel.” So it makes sense that companies like Marriott International are watching our posts and setting up “war rooms”. The Research Insighter spoke to Cathy Hartman, the Vice President of Consumer Insights and Advisory Services at Marriott International to ask what sort of insights Marriott is acquiring, and how they’re putting them to use for their customers.

The Research Insighter: 
“Personalization is the new ‘normal’ imperative in marketing these days and is something that everyone seems to be struggling with. This notion about being able to leverage data for personalization at every touchpoint is something that you certainly have been pursuing. How are you going about this? What is most important to you?”

Cathy Hartman, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Marriott International:
“Our guiding framework is to identify the right person with the right message at the right time. Much easier said than done.

The first step is identifying that right person. We’ve learned to use our data to identify travelers with the greatest potential value to our portfolio. Now, Marriott values every guest that comes to our site or enters our properties, but from a marketing perspective we need to be really smart to be efficient with our marketing efforts. So, we’ve developed ways to actively identify these individuals who are high-potential value, seek them out and engage them given their potential profitability to our portfolio.

A behavioral segmentation initiative enabled us to accomplish that first step and it also helped us to begin to tackle that second objective, as well…that ‘serving up the right message’. Using our data smartly, we can learn so much about our customers and what is relevant to them, not just what we want to say to them.

So, from travel purpose to brand propensities we can learn so much from just taking a look at the data that we have or can acquire through third parties. That ends up really being a win for the customers, as well as us. Our customers are receiving increasingly relevant, meaningful offers and we, then, earn a higher return on investment.

We have also been tackling that third piece ‘ that right time ‘ by studying the customer journey. So, how the customers engage with us or our competitors at every step of the travel journey, what behaviors are important for us to shift at each stage in this journey and how can we leverage data to help drive those shifts. The answers to those questions have helped us to weave it altogether to really deliver that right message to the right person and at the right time.”

The Research Insighter:
“What is innovative that is interesting to you? Is there anything shiny and new out there that has your interest or attention?”

Cathy Hartman, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Marriott International:

“There are some things that are shiny and new. A couple come to mind that we have been increasingly leveraging.

First is just new ways to be listening to the consumer in real-time. Marriott has recently launched multiple war rooms, if you will, for social listening. Our studios are called: ‘M Live’ and we are able to ‘ in real-time and in the presence of not just our insight representatives, but also marketing strategists and agency partners ‘ monitor conversations that are happening in real-time that we can then leverage for real-time marketing activations. It has turned into a really powerful technique that we are able to utilize to just be in the center of conversations.”

The Research Insighter:
“You mentioned real-time activation. How new is that? What does that entail?”
Cathy Hartman, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Marriott International:
“The power of M Live, we’ve found, is to be able to really engage in the real-time dialogue with what people are saying. So, instead of forcing a conversation, instead of just deciding: ‘We want to say this message to people at this time’, we listen to what is going on with consumers and what they are talking about and then we can infuse ourselves into that conversation. Again, this makes what we’re saying more relevant and it enables us to get that permission to talk with them in a way that they might not otherwise be receptive to.

For example, when Pok??mon Go recently came out and took the world literally by storm, we looked for ways to get engaged in this conversation, as well. Once we identified this quickly rising trend, the team developed in activation and once we identified this trend, we identified ways that we could become part of that conversation.

Specifically, the gentleman who was the first to find all of the Pok??mons within North America, we identified a way to send him to remaining continents in order to find the missing Pok??mon and round out his set. It’s a fun example, but it’s an example of becoming part of the conversation where we don’t even need to put money behind these messages because people then pick up the story and do the sharing for us. It’s a fun and interesting way to become a part of these real-time conversations.”

The Research Insighter:
“What are some of the key challenges you’ve run into specifically around personalization? How are you using research to address them?”
Cathy Hartman, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Marriott International:
“That’s a great question. As strange as this may sound, a key challenge is actually having too much data. It’s almost overwhelming. Where do you start? The deeper you go into data-driven personalization, the more changes an organization needs to make to its marketing strategy. 

So, if you personalized a segment or a person within that segment or to a specific touchpoint that the person within that segment is interacting with, each of these levels requires personalized content to make it real. That’s literally a tsunami of strategic content and needs. All of this needs to be planned and produced by someone.

What we’ve learned to do is use research to identify our North Star or those metrics our marketing efforts need to move in order to claim success. That is what is going to help us ensure we stay focused and on track with all of our efforts.”

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Social Media Research: from Listening to Understanding

USA Today recently published a piece on text analysis.  Yawn!  I know.  Really?  Again?  It suggested that… drum roll please… as a culture we are becoming more self-centered and less “we” or “team” focused.  Masters of the obvious.  I think reality television and social media have provided a loud narcissist’s playground where everybody is talking so loud that nobody can hear well enough to listen.  And more importantly, who cares?

Market Researchers care.  So much so that TMRE’s track on Social Media is not called “social media.”  It’s called Social Media Listening.  This shift fascinates me because it suggests we’ve reached a plateau in our initial understanding of social media – its role and mechanics.  And now we have tools in place to listen and learn.  That’s cool, but what’s next?

Now is the time to plan the next crescendo in social media learning, lifting from the plateau and into higher levels of understanding.  Looks like Jeff Henning from Affinnova will present another inventive thought in a session about listening then asking and understanding, iterating with social media to innovate.  This is a smart first step toward more “why?”

Here’s the next dilemma as I see it.  The analysis in USA Today didn’t actually consider social media at all.  They measured the text in BOOKS!  A full 50 years worth of books not a 15 minute slice of social media.  It was a Global analysis noting that words like “I” and references to the self far outweigh “we” and references to the collective.   This could just be a stylistic shift to first person narrative – but maybe that’s the point.  If we are seeing the trend in books over a 50 year period certainly the trend for self absorption existed before social media.

So the next challenge in social media will be the quality of listening.  For example, could the analysis in USA Today even be performed when 140 characters entices writers to eliminate pronouns?  “I went to the movies” becomes “Went to the movies.”  This could be “I,” “we,” or “the dog,” and no one would know.  Maybe its more essential versus the content.  This is a difficult next step but probably imperative for us as we grow more dependent on social media as a source of insight.  Improving the quality of listening so we really know who is talking and the “why?” behind what they are saying would bring truly new insight AND understanding to social media.

** ** **
Today’s guest post is from Kelley Styring. Styring is principal of InsightFarm Inc. a market research and consumer strategy consulting firm. She has led insights for Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, Black & Decker and NASA prior to founding her own firm in 2003. Kelley is a published author and has been featured in USA Today, ABC News, Good Morning America, Brandweek, Fortune, Quirk’s Marketing Research and The Market Research Daily Report from RFL Online.  She will be live blogging from The Market Research Event 2012 this November 12-14 in Boca Raton, Florida.  If you’d like to join her, register today and mention code TMRE12BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate!

News Roundup: iPhone Gossip, Olympic Tweeting and Social Media Listening

Next week we’ll be tuning in for our free webinar “Driving Best-In-Class Customer Experience: Beyond Social Media Listening” and this week we’ve been eagerly reading all of the iPhone 5 rumors, so we figured it was time for a mobile and social news check-in.

On the social media listening front: this Forbes piece questions whether companies are listening at all on social channels saying “As the social channels become more of an ‘accepted’ method of communications between customers and Companies it seems that the latter is falling some way short (in general) when it comes to responses.” Business2Community warns against this, citing the fact that “It’s important to monitor conversation about your brand so that if there is ever a problem, you can tackle it head-on.” Similarly, eCommerce times suggests a possible positive outcome, saying “handling customer complaints well, in other words, can actually transform complaining customers into loyal ones.”

But there is hope! Our TMMC featured company L’Oreal has announced that they are pursuing “real time monitoring of the buzz about the 27 brands in L’Or??al’s portfolio from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and user or professional reviews.”
Perhaps the biggest social media news lately? Olympics fans have been tweeting complaints about coverage of the London Games under the hashtag #NBCFail. The situation is discussed in this PBS News Hour piece:

One takeaway quote:

“And for people to get angry that there’s Twitter, spoilers on Twitter, well, for heaven’s sakes, of course there are. These events are live. And they’re news. And they’re important. And I think NBC is doing a great disservice to itself and frankly embarrassing itself. Because it should come into the 21st century and show them live and then, if they want to package them beautifully for people for prime time, do that.”

Meanwhile, we have seen some fun mobile developments surrounding the 2012 games, as part of their official Olympics sponsorship, Samsung has worked with the Holiday Inn in Stratford Westfield to provide special services to those on site. According to this post on Android Authority: “Samsung makes sure that your Galaxy S3 can be used as a hotel keycard during the Olympics. More than just unlocking door, guests who own the phone can also use their Galaxy S3 to control the room’s lighting, and as a hotel room phone extension.”1to1media rounded up 5 mobile marketing best practices for the Olympics, writing

“As audiences turn to these emerging mediums to watch their favorite Olympics events, advertisers and marketers shouldn’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to effectively leverage the mobile platforms to deliver targeted messaging and to drive consumers to their companies’ websites.” 

In related news, Mashable added to the pile of iPhone 5 rumors, asking “Is an iPhone 5 at the Olympics?“(Spoiler alert: The answer is no. But they do have some potential images of what it may look like.)

Elsewhere, in the mobile marketing world, our Mobile Marketing Conference partners at 3Seventy are presenting an upcoming webinar: The Rise of Mobile Marketing: An Expert Panel of Best Practices, Trends, Do’s and Dont’s, for those of you who missed the expert panel at the event, we highly suggest you join.

What mobile and social news have you come across lately?  Follow The Mobile Marketing conference on Twitter and Facebook for more mobile advertising news from us. 

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com

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