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Farmers Become “Agvocates” with AgChat Foundation

Almost one year ago, AgChat was formed on Twitter to serve farmers interested in connecting and sharing their world with one another. The chat takes place every Tuesday night from 8-10EST. Because of AgChat’s success, a whole crop (excuse the pun) of farmers have created their own social network, AgChat Foundation. The space provides farmers with a medium to advocate for their profession and for other farmers in the United States.

This farmer led group ‘is designed to empower more farmers to leverage social media as a tool to tell agriculture’s story. The Foundation will educate and equip farmers and ranchers with the skill set needed to effectively engage on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Linkedin and other social media services. It will give them knowledge to unlock new tools to effectively tell their story. Research shows that social media is a growing opportunity for farmers to have a stronger voice in educating people about the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber.’

For more information on AgChat Foundation, please visit their website.

Top Ten Tips from Market Researchers Using Social Media

Are you looking for new ways to gain candid insights and feedback from your customers? Learn how leading cross-industry market researchers have revolutionized their processes using social media as a driver of results.

If you are responsible for Market Research, here’s 10 sessions YOU CAN’T MISS at the Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference:

1. SOLAR WINDS Outsources Product Development to their Community:
Crowd Sourcing Powered
Dawn Lacallade, Community Manager and Strategist, SOLAR WINDS

2. HUMANA INNOVATION CENTER Leverages Social Networks to Help Quitters of the World Unite!
Greg Matthews, Director, Consumer Innovation, HUMANA

3. EBAY Uses Community for Voices of the Customer Product Development Input
Garnor Morantes,
Manager, Community Input,
Online Forums, EBAY

4. P&G, VH1 & BURT’S BEES Make Social Media a Real Part of Market Research & Consumer Insights Programs

Lucas Watson, Global Team Leader,
Digital Business Strategy,
Michael Desmarais,
Vice President,
Strategic Insights & Research, VH1
Paula Alexander,
Director, Global Knowledge & Insights, BURT’S BEES

5. DELL Leverages Community for Insights and Innovation
Caroline Dietz,
Communities and Conversations, DELL

6. PFIZER Does Large-Scale Social Media Market Research: With Details and Without Bias
Robin Spencer, Senior Research Fellow,
Innovation & The Idea Farm, PFIZER

7. LINKEDIN Brings Online Communities Offline for Product Feedback from Brand Drivers
Matt Warburton,
irector, Enterprise Community, LINKEDIN

8. STARWOOD HOTELS Uses Non-Traditional Insight Driven Community Building
Stephen Gates,
Interactive Creative Director,

9. SEARS Formulates Social Media Business Goals BEFORE Engaging to Measure Success and Ensure ROI
Robert Harles,
Director, Social Media & Community, SEARS

10. ALLSTATE Leverages Social Media to Establish Dialogue with Consumers to Co-Develop New Services
Bob Wasserman, Vice President,

Download the conference brochure the full agenda and session descriptions.

Social Media Pays: People More Likely to Buy from Brands they Follow

Andy Beal over at The Customer Collective posted on a recent report released by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies which showcases that in a survey over 1500 consumers showed that they were more likely to buy from and recommend brands they follow on Twitter and Facebook. Cha-ching!

51% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy from a brand after following them on Facebook; 67% said they were more likely to buy after following on Twitter. Brands also got a boost in recommendations: 60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers were more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

Learn more about this study:

Social Media Pays: People More Likely to Buy from Brands they Follow

Are you more likely to purchase a product that you follow on popular social networks?

Catch Top Brand Marketers from M&Ms, Chicago Bulls, B&N Talk Social Media

Are you tuned in to your customer needs? The Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference has two full days of case studies from savvy marketers and brand managers who’ve leveraged social media to develop authentic relationships with their customers.

If you are responsible for Marketing or Brand/Customer Engagement, here’s 10 sessions YOU CAN’T MISS:

‘ M&M’s Racing Uses Colorful “Fanvocates” to Connect with NASCAR Fans
Ryan Bowling, Director of Communications, MARS SNACKFOOD US

‘ BARNES & NOBLE Adds the “Cart” to the Conversation with
Kevin Ryan, Vice President Social Media, BARNES & NOBLE

‘ CHICAGO BULLS Use Social Media for Better Fan Experiences AND Increased Revenue Opportunities with Jeremy Thum, Director, Interactive Marketing, CHICAGO BULLS
‘ INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS Drives Revenue by Empowering Brand Advocates with
Cassandra Jeyaram, Social Marketing Manager, Global Consumer Marketing, INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP

‘ WELLS FARGO Quantifies the Value of a Year of Experiments from the Front Lines of Social Web Customer Support with Kimarie Matthews, Vice President, Customer Advocacy and Loyalty, WELLS FARGO BANK

‘ CIGNA Moves from Social Media Presence to Integrated Customer Experience Practice with Ingrid Lindberg, Customer Experience Officer, CIGNA

‘ SEGA Manages Multiple Brands Communities to Achieve Individual Brand/Product Objectives with Kellie Parker, Community Manager, SEGA OF AMERICA

‘ LEGO Collaborates with Talented Lead Users to Drive Value Creation with
Tormod Askildsen, Head, LEGO Community Development, LEGO

‘ ZAPPOS Utilizes Social Media to Engage Employees and Wow Customers with
Maura Sullivan, Customer Loyalty Manager & Marlene Kanagusuka, Customer Loyalty Manager, ZAPPOS.COM

‘ MICROSOFT Answers Community Makes Support Social with Consumer-Generated Answers with Steve Alter, Community Program Manager, Product Manager/Microsoft Answers, MICROSOFT

Don’t miss out! Join us for The Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference

Chicago Bulls and Social Media

Sports fans are passionate and feel a natural sense of connection with each other. As the web turned social it created a new way for fans to share the highs and lows of a season with each other. The question was not “Are Bulls fans interacting online?” but rather “How do we further encourage and enhance that interaction while creating additional revenue opportunities?”

Not only was Bulls.com, BullsTV implemented, but a new initiative was created, BullsConnect. From the Chicago Bulls website, BullsConnect the ultimate place for Bulls fans to connect with one another, the new official social network website of the Chicago Bulls. Built using the latest cutting-edge social media tools from Pluck, fans can register at BullsConnect.com for free, create their own Bulls fan profile, upload and share photos and videos displaying their fandom, write their own blogs on the Bulls, and participate in message boards. In addition, the Pluck technology makes it possible for fans to connect with each other on BullsConnect as well as Facebook and Twitter.
Discuss how through new digital initiatives, the Bulls created a more positive fan experience AND increased revenue opportunities with Jeremy Thum, Director of Interactive Marketing, Chicago Bulls on Tuesday afternoon, May 4th at Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies in Boston.
What other sports teams are utilizing the power of social media?

Twitter’s Top Trending Topics of 2009

PCWorld.com just released their top trending topics of 2009. As we look through the list — any surprises? What other topics should have been included? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

There are plenty of lists on the PCWorld website, click here.

News Events

1. #iranelection
2. Swine Flu
3. Gaza
4. Iran
5. Tehran
6. #swineflu
7. AIG
8. #uksnow
9. Earth Hour
10. #inaug09

Technology became a disruptive force in Iran this summer when protests broke out over the results of that country’s presidential elections. Tech tools like twitter, cell phones, digital cameras, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook were all employed to get the word out and raise global awareness about the controversy. Since the protests, the actual impact of Twitter and other technologies on the protests have been called into question, but there’s no doubt Iran was a hot topic online this year.

Google Wave was the hottest technology topic on Twitter for 2009. Google’s collaborative work platform grabbed a large amount of interest when it was first announced, but since then enthusiasm for Wave has diminished. Apple and Microsoft got their fair share of tweets after launching the Snow Leopard and Windows 7 operating systems. And Palm’s Pre was the only smartphone to make any of Twitter’s top ten lists for 2009.

1. Google Wave
2. Snow Leopard
3. Tweetdeck
4. Windows 7
5. CES
6. Palm Pre
7. Google Latitude
8. #E3
9. #amazonfail
10. Macworld

Social Media Influencing Holiday Purchases

InformationWeek.com reports that a recent survey by comScore found that 28% of online shoppers were influenced by info on Facebook or Twitter in making holiday purchases.

In its latest poll, comScore found that consumer-generated product reviews were the most cited social media purchase influence in the period with 13% of the poll respondents citing that category. Another 11% said they were influenced by an expert product review; followed by a Facebook fan page, 7%; a Facebook friend’s recommendation, 6%; company recommendations on Twitter, 5%; and “tweets” from a friend, 3%.

Do you think that the holiday shopping experience has gone entirely social?

Learn more: Social Media Influencing Holiday Purchases

Twitter Declared Most Popular English Word of 2009

Mashable reports that the word, “Twitter” has been declared the most popular English word of 2009. The Global Language Monitor, which tracks language trends, has once again compiled and released its yearly list of the most popular words and phrases within the English language. In 2008, the #1 most popular word was ‘change’ (referring to the mantra of the top name of 2008, Barack Obama). However, Obama has been supplanted this year by the 140 character sensation that is Twitter.

Twitter Declared Most Popular English Word of 2009

Woot.com Launches Deal Crowdsourcing Site

The venerable spot for deal-seekers just went social. Woot.com has introduced Deals.Woot.com, an attempt to turn its rabid fans into a crowd-sourced deal finding-and-evaluating machine that finds dozens of bargains worthy of a ‘w00t, w00t!’says Wired writer, Ryan Singel.

Singel continues, While Woot isn’t the first to try this, Woot has already grown a fanatically loyal user community around its sites. Already the deal site is attracting more votes per item than any previous such attempts ever seemed to.
What do you think about this move by Woot? Will we see more deal websites trying to compete in the social/crowd-sourcing arena?