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Common objections to social media in large companies

Doug Lacombe at the Vancouver Sun recently spent some time working with companies to figure out why they weren’t using social media, and what their objections were.

According to the article, many of the common objections to using social media are:
1. Our audience isn’t on social media

2. I don’t have time or resources to deal with social media
3. People will say mean things about us
4. IT says it’s a security risk

Have you heard these objections in your company? I firmly believe that stance #1, our audience isn’t on social media, is false, and can be proved. After all, the fast growing segement using social media is older adults.

Number of Registered Twitter Users Surpass 100 Million

According to this post from Adam Ostrow of Mashable, twitter finally revealed their big number at the Chirp Conference. 105 million! Can you say shocking? Twitter continues to grow adding about 300,000 new users everyday. It is still behind Facebook with numbers boasting 400 million, but the gap is becoming smaller by the day. What does mean for communities?

Could social networking be used more than the telephone?

A report from the UK webpage Broadband-Finder.com reports that in the UK, social media growing at a fast pace, and sometimes more used than a telephone. Last year, over 72% of all UK citizens signed up for a social network.

So how does usage for UK citizens break down?
51% of users regularly sign into Facebook
20% of users regularly sign into MySpace
17% of users regularly sign into Twitter

Do you think stats are similar around the world? What does this say about our future forms of communications?

8% Growth in Social Media — Thanks to Aging Facebook Users

The Guardian reports today that social media has seen an 8% growth in popularity, largely thanks to the growing number of older persons on Facebook. Writer Mercedes Bunz says, the use of social media is still growing: a survey has revealed that 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves or see updates about others.

Bunz also reports that Facebook users are getting a lot older. Its median age is now 33, up from 26 in May 2008, while the average Twitterer is still 31, a figure that has remained stable over the past year. By comparison, MySpace users’ median age is 26, down from 27 in May 2008, while LinkedIn is 39, down from 40.