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Is the End in Sight for Facebook

I came across this interesting article questioning the future viability of Facebook. As the article mentions top executives have left the company leaving some wondering if the end is in sight. Also, Facebook will be allowing employees to “cash out” their stocks beginning November 1st. As the articles states:

“In theory, Facebook could turn around and sell the former employee shares – and more – to outside investors. The trouble is, funding may not come easily in tough financial times.”

This previous post on our blog discussed the effect the economy could have on Community 2.0, and it will be interesting to see if it will take down the largest online social network.

Predictions for Social Media

I was combing through the Internet in search of future trends for online communities when I came across this article. According to the author, Jim Tobin, social media is still in the early stages of development. While some may disagree with him, here are his views on where the evolution of social media could lead.

  1. Ratings will become an expectation
  2. Content aggregation will boom
  3. New tools will replace some of the first movers
  4. Social Networks become portable
  5. Virtual worlds gain traction

What are your opinions on which growth stage social media is in? Do you still believe that it is in its fledgling stage? Also what do you think are trends that will catch on for the future of this industry?