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One FREE pass to the Youth & Family Marketing Mega Event next week!

One FREE pass to the Youth & Family Marketing Mega Event next week! If you would like to attend the event on us and can take copious notes ‘ this opportunity could be for you. We are looking for someone with excellent writing skills to attend the event and publish a post conference wrap up highlighting key takeaways and lessons learned at the event. If you are interested and available to attend the conference May 11 and May 12 in Chicago, contact Conference Director, Krista Vazquez at kvazquez@iirusa.com.

More info about the event can be found at www.iirusa.com/family. This is a great opportunity for a marketing student or job seeker.

The Youth & Family Marketing Event Symposium Highlight: Technology and Social Media

Technology and Social Media Symposium: Kids and youths are early adopters of technology- how do you win them over early to keep them as life long consumers? Likewise, how are kids, youths and families using technology and social media today? Why do some technologies like the Wii and iPhone transcend life stages while others do not? On a marketing end, just because social media is free, does not mean you have to use it as a marketing tool. What are the best ways to incorporate social media and other technologies in your plan?

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May 10-12, 2010
Hotel Sax

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Takeaways from event sessions:

* The opportunities available through the use of social media
* The risks inherent in using social media as a research platform
* Creating an overall strategy for your social media program
* Social Media Measurement
* Social Ecosystems That Ignite Audiences
* Using social media to reach mom


* How kids influence the purchase decision
* Making Meaning of immersion data
* Family 3.0: Rethinking the American Family
* Understand changes in family dynamics
* The role of technology in a kid’s life
* Tapping into the anthropological analysis


* Developing effective model to increase the active participation of your brand
* Mitigating risk in conversational marketing
* Mobile Marketing- Where Your Consumers Are
* Communicating new product offerings on a very limited budget
* Connecting your Brand with the Next Generation of Viewers
* Reaching today’s urban youth consumers