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Use of Smart Phones Among Doctors Up

The Wall Street Journal reports that according to market-research firm Manhattan Research LLC, of New York, about 64% of U.S. physicians are using smart phones; up from just 50% two years ago. The firm expects that figure to increase to 81% by 2011, with the majority of physicians owning iPhones or BlackBerrys.Among U.S. doctors with smart phones, BlackBerry devices still prevail, with a 37% usage rate, compared with 27% for the iPhone, according to Manhattan Research. Fraser Edward, head of RIM’s market development for health care, says he touts the BlackBerry’s reputation for security of sensitive information like patient data when he talks to hospital administrators.Smart-Phone Makers Call the Doctor

Targeting the working mom

The Branding and Marketing blog recently posted a market research report which looked at the best ways to reach the working mother. See the full report here. The working mother his the number one user of SmartPhones. They’re also 43% of all women in the workforce. How do you successfully reach this section of the workforce?

Smartphone Apps to Triple by 2014

Vikrant Gandhi, analyst at market research firm Frost & Sullivan and author of “An Insight into the U.S. Smartphone Application Storefront Market,” recently told InternetNews.com that the amount of smartphone apps will triple in 2014.

PDAStreet reports that downloads from all app stores will reach 6.67 billion applications by 2014, up from two billion this year. Downloads from all app stores will reach 6.67 billion applications by 2014, up from two billion this year.

Gandhi said the following factors are fueling the download app growth: free content subsidized by mobile advertising and mobile commerce; high-quality user experiences driven by next-generation devices and advanced networks; strong support from key industry players; the vast inventory of apps appealing to a broad and diversified segment of users; and operator acceptance.

Get the full story here at InternetNews.com and PDAStreet.com

Customers in the recession

So what are customers still buying during this economic downturn? It’s important to know what they’re buying so a company can offer products that are still relevant in a consumer’s buying options. According to Forbes, here are the top 10 things Americans are still buying in this time of economic recession:

1. Smart Phones
2. Video games and Consoles
3. Gym Memberships
4. Personal Care
5. Toy Building Sets
6. Car Maintenance
7. Dress Casual Shoes
8. Restaurants
9. Movie Tickets
10. Netbooks

Does anything on this list surprise you?