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Will NetFlix take over the internet?

In a recent article at Slate, they reveal that when Netflix opened for streaming business in Canada, 10% of Canadians visited the webpage. In the United States, at peak internet usage hours, it accounts for 20% of traffic. It is not yet available yet to the rest of the world, but how will bandwidth hold up?

Netflix clearly found the sweet spot of their consumers. In addition to streaming much of their video collection, they made deals with major television and movie distributors to increase their offerings to consumers. What can your company learn from what Netflix has done? They found what their consumers wanted, and offered it to them. What can you do to increase the satisfaction of your customers?

Do We Need Bit.ly and Tr.im?

How integral are URL shortening sites? Do we really need them as we Tweet, Blog and IM with one another? Farhad Manjoo writes an interesting piece in Slate debating the usefulness of such services. With no real way to make money Bit.ly, the most popular, has raised $2M in venture capital, but how will it keep investors happy with revenue? One option is to charge for their analytics service, which is currently free and provides a simple break down of clicks to a particular link. The link shortening sites are very popular on Twitter, which counts the url address characters towards the 140 character limit. What if Twitter didn’t do this and we were able to provide longer links?

Short Shelf LifeDo we really need link-shortening services like Tr.im and Bit.ly?

Are you taking advantage of the iTunes Apps Store?

I recently found a post by Ben Lorica which looked into the best selling apps at the iTunes store. According to his post, the top sellers are apps dealing with sports, education and entertainment. Read his analysis.

After having a chance to browse the iTunes Apps store, I found a few companies who have already started to use it to their advantage. Slate has a Poll Tracker ’08. ESPN has a few apps as well. What could something like this do for your company? Have you seen a great example of companies taking advantage of the iTunes Apps Store?