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This Week in Market Research: 9/29/14 – 10/3/14

Rise of Wearable Devices Will Increase Virtual Assistants: Think the child of Siri and increased personal attention

Using Big Data to Make Better TV Shows: Analyzing viewing habits to make better shows and increase product placement

Internet of Everything: The number of “Uber Digitals” is increasing rapidly and its affecting online retail

How Big Data Could Help Stop the Ebola Outbreak: Analytics have been overlooked in disaster areas

Big Data is Driving Ad Dollars: A video from Bloomberg

HO HO HO: A checklist for having a successful holiday marketing season

LinkedIn Solving Big Data Problems: Pinot is a real time analytics engine to manage and monitor big data

The Growing Cost of Media Research via MediaTel

4 Strategies to Create a Customer Experience That Builds Loyalty

Dunkin Donuts to Test Mobile Ordering to Improve Customer Experience

5 Reasons You Need a Business Intelligence Tool

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