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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Targeted Shopper Marketing Approach

This latest article in CPB Matters highlights a sophisticated targeting process Rob Colarossi, vice president of customer development for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, implements in order to get a greater understanding of shopper needs. Colarossi states that partnering with retailers is extremely important because shoppers want customizable options. He mentions: ‘One size for all does not fit anymore. National programs are not working anymore. The retailer wants {programs} that are customized. We’ve got to understand what’s important to Kroger and what’s important to Wal-Mart. They have platforms and are very clear about what they want to do.’ Dr. Snapple Group recently partnered with Kroger for a direct mail campaign They targeted shoppers that had a higher propensity to buy the product. He then lists three criteria for choosing a retail partner:

  • Do they have scalability?
  • Do they truly understand consumer-centric marketing?
  • Are they truly trying to build loyalty with their core shoppers?

Is your company taking advantage of partnerships with retail companies?

What is Shopper Research?

Researching the web I came across this insightful video ‘TNS Market Research – What is Shopper research?‘ from TNS Global. Appropriately titled, the video explores what shopper research is and touches on these 4 pillars: Shopper behavior, idea, expression, and experience. Take a couple of minutes to view the video. How is your organization using shopper research tactics to get in the mind of the consumer?

Despite Recession, Most Women still spending on Clothes

In today’s Brandweek, they have an article that will be released in Elle this week that states most women are still spending money on clothes despite the recession. This research was collected in Fall 2007. The average age of the women surveyed was 29, and 52% of them were full time employees. According to the survey, 57% of these women spent more than $2000 on clothes, and 40% of these women spent more than $750 on shoes and accessories. Of the 1,534 women surveyed in retail stores, 53% of the women said the would probably spend just as much as they did in 2007 or more. The study concluded that 8% of women shoppers are recession proof.

The Teen Shopping Experience

An important factor to business success is how effective your communication is with your customers, and potential customers. The main point from this article on Customers Rock is that teens may very well be using other forms of media rather than the company website to learn about new products. This survey (conducted by Bizreport) tells us that most teens do their purchasing in stores, but where do they find out about all these cool new products. That’s right ladies and gentleman, the World Wide Web. This blogger’s son actually had a tough time viewing the iPod Touch demo on the company site, and that’s when he turned to YouTube instead. Marketers must first find out where teens are doing their research for products. Then they must assess whether the company website has easily accessible demos and videos, or if they should put together a YouTube video about the product in order to reach customers. What about existing customers? Well, a simple email campaign letting the customers know about their new products would make any teen feel special. The way in which we reach teens is constantly changing. The simple truth here is that teens are finding information for products on the net, so we must learn to adapt to these changing times in order to effectively communicate on their level.