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What Digital KPIs Don’t Tell Us about Shopper Behavior

During the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, Vicki Draper, Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL, presented “The Missing Metrics Link: What Digital KPIs Don’t Tell Us about Shopper Behavior.”

AOL’s latest shopping research reveals how digital KPIs don’t tell the full story when it comes to online shopping. Emotion drives online shopping more than utility, but traditional digital metrics are not effective at capturing emotion. Metrics must be redesigned to better measure shopper intent.

Here are some consumer behavior insights Vicki discussed:
- Mobile isn’t mobile! 68% of all smartphone minutes are at home.
- People are shopping all the time. 92% shop online weekly or more often.
- 42% of millennials browse online in the vehicle category weekly or more often.

A strong brand is more important than ever. AOL’s research shows that 66% of shopping is emotionally driven (expertise browsing, “me-time” browsing), while 30% is intent driven (deal browsing, problems and solutions browsing). Boredom browsing makes up 11%.

This means that it’s critical to measure the emotional benefits of your digital brand, retail or ad experience. To do this, you must:
- Start with the conventional wisdom.
- Challenge convention by combining analytics with primary research to find the missing links.
- Measure the right KPIs.

Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator specializing in corporate communication best practices. 

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Live from TMRE13: Using Real Time and Over Time to Track Shopper Purchase and Behavior

Using the comical nostalgic ad of how chocolate and peanut
butter came up in a rather unfiltered way: ‘Your chocolate is in my peanut
better’ vs ‘Your peanut butter is in my chocolate’, PurchasedNow unfolds
shopper behavior tracked in real time.

Existing methods limit in addressing complexity:

  • Post hoc online surveys
  • Home scanning panel 
  • Loyalty card
  • In store intercept
  • Shopper ethnographies

The Litmus test ensures that data is timely, representative
and accurate. It is a 5 stage methodology to track behavior of shopper

  1. Recruit shoppers who shop via Shopalong app.
  2. Capture shopper intent based on what their
    shopping plans are
  3. Track actual shopping behavior
  4. Capture receipts for details of what they buy/do
  5. Post purchase survey to check for disparities
    with planning

As a case study of my favorite holiday Black Friday, these
were some cool facts unearthed in this seminar:
59% of Black Friday shoppers went to a different store than
the one they originally planned on, mainly based on convenience. 31% of brand
swappers were influenced by a shopping partner to change plans! And 31% of
consumers buy more at the store they go to first.
, Communication & Social Media Research
Expert at SKIM, an international consultancy and marketing research agency, has
a background in engineering, marketing and finance from the University of
Pennsylvania, and the Wharton School and Rotterdam School of Management. Having
worked in marketing and product development at L’Oreal, followed by a stint in
management consulting, he now passionately enjoys the world of social media,
and can be found on every platform with his alias sssourabh. He is a food
critic and a fashion writer, and documents these alongside strategy on his blog
He may be reached at s.sharma@skimgroup.com. Follow him on

TMRE presents: Technology driven Market Research

Capturing Insights in Real time. Measuring Meaningful chatter. Breakthrough Methodologies.
May 2-3, 2011 Chicago

Track the most innovative companies in Market Research Technology. Learn about the breakthrough technologies and tools that are being used to understand consumer behavior. This event will explore the technologies that fuel Market Research, and showcase revolutionary speakers and remarkable information that will help you better connect with your target market.

Event Focus & Key Themes:

  • NeuroMarketing
  • Virtual Retail Environment: Understanding Shopper Behavior
  • Using Social Gaming as a Research Methodology
  • Individualized Research: Liquid Signage
  • Crowdsourcing your Research for Co-Creation
  • Geo-location Research through Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Mobile Apps for Research Usability
  • Ethics and Privacy Policies
  • Visualization Analytics
  • Webcam-Based Interviews
  • Measuring Meaningful Data
  • Text Analytics
  • Measuring Emotional Response through Non-Verbal Technology
  • Social Media Debate: Scientific or Not?

There are a lot of opportunities out there to connect with people in real-time as they are experiencing certain behaviors and exposure to products, brands, and advertising. Find out how you can use new and revolutionary technologies to better understand customer behavior.

STAY TUNED for more information regarding this exciting new event!