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Inside Facebook’s Research Playbook

Social Media Juggernaut’s Research Function Is Fresh and Fluid
 By Marc Dresner, IIR

 It’s the definitive social medium. With approx. 850 million total users (about 480 million daily), for many of us Facebook is a fundamental part of everyday life. And it’s up to Sheila Normile, a research and insights principal, to understand how and why we use it, and how to improve that experience. As you might expect from a company like Facebook, Normile’s research organization is a bit less conventional than what you’ll typical find at a large corporation. ‘Facebook is a really entrepreneurial and risk tolerant sort of place and it certainly extends to the research organization,’ Normile told The Research Insighter. ‘It’s funny because you often don’t think of research and risk in the same mindset or in the same breath, but we really embrace that idea of taking risks on our team.’ In fact, not only isn’t there a research playbook at Facebook, but the organization is so fluid that projects can happen on the fly, based on a conversation in a hallway or an issue Normile or one of her colleagues just stumbles upon. In this interview with The Research Insighter’, we’ll go inside Facebook’s research organization and have a look at what makes it tick.

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