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Personalize the customer service experience

Service Untitled recently proposed one way to personalize your customers experience when they’re dealing with your customer service representatives. Give them your email. If you give them an experience that they feel confident in, then they’re more likely to contact customer service with a problem. But after you’ve given them your email address, encourage them to continue using the normal methods for contacting customer service, and that if that doesn’t work, contact you through your personal email. This way, they’ll feel better about another person to contact, and you’ll have provided them a trusted name in the company.

Communicate with your customers

Communication is key to customer relationships. There’s a need for you to openly communicate and be honest with what they should expect from your company. Service Untitled recently gave a few areas of communication to properly communicate with your customers.

They are:
Contact them through different mediums.
Be clear and honest with timelines.
Communicate what is being done and why.
Be prepared to answer questions.

Give your customers confidence

In a blog post at Service Untitled, they discussed the importance of your customers feeling satisfied with their customer service representatives when on phone calls. Most often, customers feel they’re going to call the call center and the representative is not going to know what their problem is. Customers are more likely to have a pleasant experience if they feel that when on a phone call, the customer service representative knows their problem and can fix it. So how do you give your customers confidence in your CSRs? The representatives should tell the customer calling that they can help them resolve the problem today. Letting a customer know that the representative is happy to be there and willing to help solve the problem makes all the difference in a satisfied customer at the end of a call.