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Map Your Customers’ Experiences – One Sticky Note at a Time

Kerry Bodine presents “Journey Mapping & Service Blueprinting” during the Total CX Leaders Conference, June 3, 2015.

What are journey maps and what makes them effective? According to Kerry Bodine, Customer Experience (CX) expert and author of Outside In, journey maps are “diagrams that visualize the actions, thoughts, and feelings of a person or group over time.”

During Wednesday’s Total CX Leaders Conference, workshop attendees created their own journey maps. They used sticky notes to list the steps of a particular process a customer experiences, each of the non-human touch points, the human touch points, and customer thoughts and feelings throughout the process. These tools helped them better understand the end-to-end customer experience from the customer perspective.




Attendees also learned about service blueprinting. Kerry explained that future-state journey blueprints represent the organization and infrastructure that you need to build to deliver on your CX vision. Current-state journey blueprints represent the organization and infrastructure that support the experience your customers have today.

Journey mapping and service blueprinting are insightful resources that can be used to drive experience improvements and organizational change and to help your employees discover their own roles in delivering a remarkable customer experience.

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