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This Week In Shopper Insights: 1/19/15 – 1/23/15

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Three Tips for Using Reviews to Leverage Cross-Platform Trends

How Big Data Analytics Can Track Money Laundering: Tracking illicit money deal across the globe

Predictive Marketing Cloud: Unlocking access to new customer data

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Big Data Down Under: Looking at Australia’s best big data practices

About the Author:
Ryan Polachi is a contributing
writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be
reached at rpolachi@IIRUSA.com.

Mondelez International Reveals How to Measure ROI for Social Media Marketing

Twenty years ago, in the early days of cable, brands like the Food Network and the Discovery Channel were built, and they became iconic brands. They became very large businesses with huge consumer followings that have also been attractive to advertisers. What’s different this time around is that by using new digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Apple, you are able to get global distribution and global monetization instantly.”*

The use of digital platforms is no longer the way of the future, or something that’s nice to have – it’s how your consumers are engaging with different media brands. Earlier this year, at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference, we had Twitter’s Global Ad Research Director Jeffrey Graham take the stage to showcase not only how PEOPLE use Twitter, but also how COMPANIES are using the platform to connect with users.

For 2015, we’re taking social one step further with B. Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International. During his keynote, Measure ROI for Social Media Marketing, B. Bonin will help you truly understand the impact of social on your distribution strategies and how you can build even stronger, more meaningful connections with your consumers.
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015
February 3-5, 2015 // The Westin San Diego // San Diego, CA
Plus, you’ll also hear from Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, iHeartRadio Clear Channel, Revolt TV, Discovery Communications, A+E Networks, Viacom, NBCUniversal, ABC TV, Univision, CBS Corporation, Turner & more. Click here for the full speaker list: 
Download the agenda for full session details: http://bit.ly/1A5Eb4s
Introducing the REMI [Research Executive Media Insights] Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Media Industry! The Media Insights & Engagement Conference team would like to acknowledge an individual whose outstanding contributions, innovations, or leadership has impacted the way research has shaped the media industry and entertainment landscape. The REMI Award recipient will be announced during The Media Insights & Engagement Conference on February 3-5, 2015.
Submit your nomination by Friday, January 2nd and save 20% off the standard rates: http://svy.mk/1GkDjc5
Mention code MEDIA15LI and save 15% off the standard rate. Register today: http://bit.ly/1A5Eb4s
We hope to see you in San Diego this February, as we explore the new world of multi-platform, hyper-viewing in the post-disrupted media landscape.
The Media Insights and Engagement Conference Team

* Quote by Steven Kydd, Co-Founder Tastemade from NBCUniversal’s 2014 Curve Report

Live from #TMRE13: 5 Game Changing that will drive trends today and in the future

Consumers are taking control of their lives. They are
rearranging their lives to their own satisfaction for the better of their home
and family. Companies can benefit from this as they offer cusotmized solutions to these “game changing trends”, found by Campbell’s Soup.
My ROI: Consumers are taking a personal return on investment
approach to assessing. But now good value is not about paying the lower price.
Consumers are willing to pay for experiences that will matter more for them,
that fit them better individually. Service is back ‘ as people want better
value for their money.
iHealth3.0: Consumers are more concerned about health, image
management, and the general wellbeing, given the overall statistics of being
overweight, and consequential expenses.
Energy Management: Consumers are overall tired, and
consequently cranky. Energy emerges as a highly sought need, now the highest
sought commodity, ranked higher than money and time. Consequently opportunities
are like virtual supermarkets to avoid traveling and energy consumables.
The Desire to Feel Alive:  Help consumers break free and enjoy moments that
reward themselves. How can brands do this? Across ages and genders there is a
desire to be more lively, and opportunities are present in multiple consumer
and healthcare industries.
Digital is resetting expectations: Digital is an integrated
and integral part of life, and not a distraction. This affects everything from
DIY, to shopping, to connecting with others.
Sourabh Sharma, Communication & Social Media Research Expert at SKIM,
an international consultancy and marketing research agency, has a background in
engineering, marketing and finance from the University of Pennsylvania, and the
Wharton School and Rotterdam School of Management. Having worked in marketing
and product development at L’Oreal, followed by a stint in management
consulting, he now passionately enjoys the world of social media, and can be
found on every platform with his alias sssourabh. He is a food critic and a
fashion writer, and documents these alongside strategy on his blog called
3FS. He may be reached at s.sharma@skimgroup.com. Follow him on

Live from #TMRE13 Social Media and Nascar: Driving Product Sales Together

What images come to mind when you think of Nascar? Fast cars, screaming fans, cold beer and a good ol’ burger are a few of the essentials that make up a perfect day at the track. It just wouldn’t be the same with a glass of wine and a salad – buzz kill. Kevin Thomas, VP of Strategic Marketing for Roush Fenway Racing gave an exciting presentation on how performance of their cars can increase sponsors ROI over time.
Roush Fenway Racing knows just how to draw in the fans and give them what they want, which is why they are one of the top companies to sponsor. It’s not about the price, its about performance. Their creative approaches to PR have proven to not only justify a company’s sponsorship of their own hot rod, but the ROI usually exceeds expectations.
Take Cargill for example – a new sponsor of Roush Fenway Racing and looking for a unique approach to market their brand. In addition to increasingly good performance of their car, they went a step further to engage fans at the track – good ol’ cookout at the track, offering burgers to fans using their new finely textured beef. Not to mention, the opportunity to meet Ricky Steinhouse Jr.!
The results they saw showed that Cargill was more than just “paint on a fast car”. Not only did they see spikes in beef sales after races, they saw increased sales over time as racing performance increased. All while having a great time at the track, enjoying some great food and meeting famous drivers. Not too shabby for a hard days work!

Talia Short is Chief Wrangler at April Bell Research Group, a boutique, full-service marketing research firm, committed to delivering fresh insights you can act on! Learn more at aprilbellresearch.com.

Why are businesses still hesitant to adopt mobile?

Last March at the Mobile Marketing Conference, we heard from leaders in a variety of industries; healthcare, travel, and retail to name a few. In June 2012, Mashable reported that the restaurant industry was leading in mobile adoption.

“DudaMobile [found that] restaurants and food services from pizzerias and bakeries to food trucks take 28% of the total percentage of small to medium-sized businesses that have a mobile-friendly site.

This category is far more advanced than other industries looking to reach out to smartphone users, including professional services such as locksmiths and attorneys (16%), health and wellness including spas and salons (10%), travel and tourism such as hotels (8%) and automobile/transportation (6%). Retailer was number six on the list (5%) for small to medium-sized businesses.”

Given the frequently local nature of mobile search, it makes sense for restaurants to immediately see the benefit of mobile adoption. Yet these numbers still seem extremely low across the board given that “there are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide.” Are companies not feeling the pressure to innovate on mobile?

This morning, in an article about the legality of cab-hailing apps like Uber, Daniel Sperling, a professor of civil engineering and environmental science and policy at the University of California, Davis, and director of its Institute of Transportation Studies was quoted as saying:

‘Transportation has been one of the least innovative sectors in our society…When I look at these new mobility companies coming, where they’re using information and communication technology, at a very high level it’s long overdue and should be embraced with open arms.’

From my point of view, yes, it is long overdue, and not just amongst transportation, but across industries. So why is mobile adoption amongst businesses so slow in coming? We’ve seen time and again the value of mobile across industries: why are businesses still so hesitant to adopt mobile?

Vote in this poll to share your thoughts:

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com

Top posts from 2011

As the year wraps up, we’re taking a look back at 2011: back in April we enjoyed the Social Media and Communities 2.0 conference in Boston, and June saw us at the Measure Up event, then the summer months saw us working on our redesign and in the fall we launched our rebranding as the “Digital Impact Blog.”

In between social media and the digital marketing world continued to evolve. The world welcomed Google+, (and then debated its success) and the new social network was one of the top search terms of 2011. In addition we saw the introduction of Facebook’s “Timeline” and the “new new” twitter just launched as well. Zynga’s IPO today highlights the continued growth of social gaming. Let’s look at the top viewed posts from this blog in 2011:

1. Stories of Social Media marketing success from Kraft, Unilever, Ubercool and more Thursday, February 17, 2011
Exploring some of the keynote sessions from the 2011 SocialC20 conference.

2. Does Your C-level Finally Get Social Media? Feb 1, 2011
A guest post by by Sasha Strauss, Managing Director & CEO, Innovation Protocol

3. and 4. #muconf11 Live: Day Two, Measuring the Marketing Mix Jun 7, 2011 and #muconf11 Live: Hot Topics and Prolific Twitterers Jun 6, 2011
These two popular posts featured content from our June Measure Up conference

5. The Social Future Wednesday, March 9, 2011
A guest post by BJ Emerson, Social Technology Officer at Tasti-D-Lite

6. Is Your Business A Social Business? Jun 13, 2011
Featuring one of our social media webinars Social Business: How to Create a Holistic Approach to Social Media with Alex Beauchamp, Senior New Media Manager, Citrix Online

7. Measure Up Podcast Series: Debjani Deb May 19, 2011
This episode of our Measure Up Podcast series featured speaker Debjani Deb of EmPower Research.

8.Social Media and Community Scorecard Examples Monday, February 28, 2011
This post featured generic social media scorecard examples to show how various companies are demonstrating their ROI

9. The State of Online Branded Communities Monday, January 24, 2011
A guest post by Kathy Baughman, Principal & Founder, ComBlu

10. Selecting a Primary Community Platform Part 1 Friday, January 21, 2011
A guest post by by Tim Albright, Director of Community Strategy at Jive Software (which incidently also just had their IPO recently.)

We’ll certainly be looking forward to new developments in 2012, be it in the Mobile Marketing world, social or somewhere else. What are your predictions?

Upcoming Complimentary Web Seminars ‘ Targeting, Social Gaming & Measuring ROI of Facebook

Targeting: How to Effectively Reach the Unidentified 90% of Your Audience
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011, 1:00 – 2:00 PM (EST)

‘ Mallika Chakravarti, Subject Matter Expert, Autonomy
‘ Jody Schiavo, Subject Matter Expert – WCM

Targeting works. There is no question that by aligning content to known segments, marketers can dramatically increase conversion rates and maximize revenue. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of your overall audience is known. So how do you effectively reach the other 90% and boost your marketing revenue exponentially?

Data offers a potential solution, but also adds a problem. More data doesn’t mean more insight. In fact, it can lead to more confusion. However, by developing a conceptual understanding of your data, you can use your marketing initiatives to generate truly actionable insights and create smarter segments for greater success.

Find out how to:
‘ Discover high value segments and the best way to optimize against these segments over time to maximize response
‘ Efficiently leverage insights from all of your marketing channels to transform the effectiveness of your initiatives for the highest return on spend

Register today & secure your spot: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/v9pczkilw0jz
Sponsored by: Autonomy

Tips for Building a Branded Social Game
Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

‘ Adam Archer, General Manager, Vitrue Games

Join us for a detailed webinar covering reasons why brands should be using social gaming, tips, tricks, ROI measurement and best practices for building a branded social game. We’ll show live examples of games, discuss the technique that they implement, including leaderboards, challenge-a-friend, in-game charitable giving, sweepstakes, giveaways and coupon integration. We’ll also cover how to Simplify and Beautify your branded games. Talk will also include the pros and cons of building your own game versus trying to integrate with an existing mega-popular social game.

Register today & secure your spot: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/i8ue1pd1jxz8
Sponsored by: Vitrue

Identifying & Acquiring 500,000 Customers on Facebook & Measure ROI in 120 Days (A Case Study)
Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 1:00PM – 2:00PM EDT

‘ Jeff French, Co-Founder & CEO, LoudDoor

This case study presentation will demonstrate a data driven approach to identifying and acquiring your ideal customer on Facebook and effectively measuring ROI for your Facebook marketing initiatives. In addition, the case study will cover cutting edge optimization techniques for Facebook’s News Feed algorithm (EdgeRank).

‘ 70% of all posts are never seen that come from brands.
‘ A post that makes top stories is 20 times more likely to have action taken on it –
Are you reaching top stories?
‘ Less than 2% of people return to a page after liking it. Do you know why?
EdgeRank is everything for brands.

Register today & secure your spot: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/hugsof8qx81n
Sponsored by: LoudDoor

What if we were paid for clients’ Return On Insight?

Last week I dreamt an unusual dream: I landed up in market-research-future-land…  

The market research world
there had changed, everything was different. Much of the
dream didn’t make pretty much sense to me from today’s perspective. 
But one part of the dream I had to think
about a little bit longer:
in today’s time ROI was one of the key parameters for the assessment and classification of success. At least because of this
interesting post it becomes clear that it
is not always easy
to determine ROI as return on investment for market research
services. But in my
dream’s market-research-future-land however
much more research activities were rated
by clients on the basis of ROI
How could that be?  
How did they resolve the problem of a
clear definition and inter-individual clarity of what
ROI means?
It didn’t last long until I
realized that ROI wasn’t meant
as Return On Investment but
as Return On Insight. What had happened?
Central changes in the market research industry, which could be slightly observed and forefelt today, had been manifested in new
concrete requirements and business areas.

research’s clients were no longer willing to pay for (high) expensive and highly specialized external
service providers and service units.
Shortage of information about markets
and market participants became increasingly smaller, the value of the complex gathering and
surveying of this information declined
as rapidly as continuously

Most of the
information and the most important parts of it for the companies were easily
accessible via intelligent social media
approaches and progress in the DIY market research ‘ without a large investment. The MR-agencies, which had focused on the
information gathering, were caught in a negative relevance swirl and thereby
lost income until they lost all of their justification they once had.  
Quality, efficiency, methodology and last but
not least price had been arguments
in which the MR-agencies did not differ a lot from each other. 
Consequently, the investment, which the
purchasers of market research have issued
to the agencies for the collection of data and information, had become vanishingly small.

the industry had not disappeared from earth, but it had changed significantly. Insight
became the central proof to evaluate the performance of market
research. The generation of insights
had detached itself from the value of data gathering, this was
already re-integrated within the
organization of commissioning companies. To
connect relevance and significance to existing data and results had become the
most important competence, and clients paid a lot for it and loved to do so.

What I especially liked about market-research-future-land
was the fact that clients included Return On Insight as a flexible
component into their pay
. Only those agencies, that had been able to provide
insights that were able to influence the
client companies’ success in a positive way, were also paid with the flexible part
of the fee.
I’m sure
that Return On Insight for market research is as difficult to be determined as
Return On Invest. But I’m also sure that the assessment of our performance by our
clients via Return On Insight is trend-setting. For this we would be forced to:
- give up
our silo-thinking,  
- deal with
marketing and advertising in a more extensive way
- be less of craftsmanship and more to believe
in relevance and
- ultimately be prepared for the future

ourselves have not yet tried to
agree with the client about a flexible part of our fee, depending
on the quality of the Return on Insights
we deliver. But we are thinking about it, and who knows, maybe it will happen soon that we are working with one of our clients on
such a trend-setting model.
I’m curious how ROI will be discussed at The Market Research Event in Florida. IIR, USA,
the conference organizers have put it on the agenda.

About the author: Christian D??ssel is blogging about market research in German language here and here.
After having worked for TNS, TBWA and other strategy and market
research agencies he now holds the position of Senior Research Director
at MM-Eye in Hamburg / Germany with special responsibilities for MM-Eye’s new media and online research approaches.

Chad Estes of Vitrue on Optimizing Conversations on Facebook to Increase Your Social ROI

In association with Vitrue, The Institute for International Research invites you to join us for a one hour complimentary Web Seminar.

How to Optimize Conversations on Facebook to Increase Your Social ROI
Featuring Chad Estes, Vice President, Client Services, Vitrue
Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

Reserve your Webinar seat now.

Most brands & businesses are already on Facebook and have been managing their page(s) in a variety of ways, some effective and some not so much. In this discussion we’ll review topics that will help business optimize their visibility in the home page news feed, ensure the conversations they start are as relevant as possible to their overall fan-base and their responses are timely and cut through the clutter. Mastering your social conversations on Facebook can be a lot of hard work, but with the right approach and the right technology it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

During this webinar, Chad will discuss:

  • News feed optimization
  • Relevant messaging powered by social segmentation
  • Efficient response management

Register Now. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

About Chad Estes:
Chad Estes is Vitrue’s VP of Client Services. Chad brings over 13 years of experience in managing strategic client relationships and designing cutting-edge online solutions. He has a strong passion for exceeding client expectations and firmly believes it’s Virtrue’s people that sets them apart from the competition. Having joined Vitrue in 2007, in a product management role, he now leads the Strategic Services, Account Management and Customer Support departments to provide industry-leading service to its clients.

About Vitrue:
Vitrue is a leading social media publishing software provider that provides marketers of all kinds – Fortune 1,000 brands, agencies and small businesses – with the tools they need to harness the power of social media. Our solutions combine a comprehensive social media platform with turnkey products that drives customer acquisition and brand awareness – while at the same time engaging stakeholders, fostering collaboration, building brand loyalty and providing customer service.

About IIR:
The Institute for International Research (IIR) is the world’s largest conference company and has been the leader in the provision of business information for over 25 years. IIR produces over 5,000 events annually through its network of offices in over 35 countries.