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Twitter Becomes More Popular in Brazil, Indonesia, and Germany

Recent stats have shown that twitter growth has slowed down in the US, but this post on ReadWriteWeb highlights how the micro-blogging service has attracted new users across the globe. Recent data from Sysomos shows us that the US accounts for 50% of all twitter uses followed by Brazil, UK, Canada, and Germany..in that order.

Interestingly enough San Francisco, Twitter’s hometown, comes as the 10th most active group users. Twitter’s most active users are located in New York City, London, and Los Angeles.

Check out the full data here.

Facebook and Twitter Synchronize for Automatic Updates

I came across this interesting post from ReadWriteWeb today in which Dana Oshiro shares with readers a new service that Facebook has just rolled out that will allow admins of Facebook pages to automatically publish their updates to their Twitter accounts. Users can control whether status updates, photos, links, notes, and events are shared. Dana mentions that many artists and groups have already set up this feature including Dane Cook, World Wildlife Fund, and Livestrong.

It was only natural for Facebook and Twitter to sync up like this, just wondered why it took so long for the integration.

Using Virtual Worlds to Reach Consumers

I came across this interesting article in ReadWriteWeb that discusses how the enterprise has not yet quite dived head first into virtual worlds, even though it has been around since 1995. Virtual worlds are different because it recreates social interaction found in real-life in a digital space. Steven Walling mentions three key functions that can benefit virtual teams in an enterprise which are social networking, real-time collaboration between teams, and interactive training. While these functions are great, what are some functions of virtual worlds that are beneficial in reaching consumers?

LinkedIn and NY Times Become Partners

In what could be a move copied by other social networking sites, LinkedIn and NY Times have become partners in order to provide users with constantly updated news for their respective industries. It is not yet clear whether or not any money has exchanged hands. This review from ReadWriteWeb is supportive of the new team. As summarized by the article: We’re big on LinkedIn here at RWW and though a wide open developers platform has yet to emerge, moves like this are inspiring. The deal is an important step beyond the previous integration of sharing hooks on NYTimes.com from other services. LinkedIn has over 25 million registered users, while NY Times has over 17 million unique visitors a month, making this partnership seem very promising. What are your thoughts on this new alliance? Do you think other sites such as Facebook will start to pursue similar avenues? Click on this page to update your LinkedIn profile to include the NY Times.