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No recession for certain food markets

In the most recent edition of the Quirk’s Newsletter, they look at the food markets that Americans aren’t neglecting due to tighter pocketbooks. They are: bread, sweet spreads (like peanut butter), frozen meals, side dishes and coffee.

Bill Patterson, senior analyst at Mintel, the company who conducted the study said,
“As consumers spend less and stay in more, certain food markets are benefiting. These recession-proof, or rather recession-fueled, industries are destined to do well throughout the economic downturn, but it will be interesting to track their sales after the nation recovers,” says

Sampling methods

Quirks recently posted the most common ways to collect data for samples in the USA. They are: face-to-face, address based, RDD telephone (random digit dialing), directory listed telephone, low-incidence targeting and the internet. The article also points out that combining several different methods can prove to be very effective. Read more here.

Market research in developing countries

When expanding to a new country, it’s important to get a grasp on the new culture your product is targeted to. With a new culture, market research could prove to be easier for several reasons: the response rates from door-to-door interviews could be as high as 90%, interviews are cheap and plentiful, and the structure of the culture often makes it easy to identify the sources for respondents. For more on effective market research in developing countries, read Quirks’ An insider’s guide to conducting effective research in developing countries.