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Live from FOCI 2013: Utilizing Mobile Devices to Obtain Customer Timely Feedback on New Products

Presented by Nina Leask ‘ General Motors

An inside the box presentation about mobile research on new
product launches.  Nina stressed the
importance of translating tech talk to consumer language when conducting
research ‘ and then translating the insights into technological language for
application by engineers and product developers.
Nina took the audience through a consumer market research
assignment designed to obtain consumer perspective about a new car design.  The up-front mobile market research risks
that Nina highlighted included: respondent commitment; level of engagement;
quality of feedback, and video quality.  Clips
of ethnographic videos produced by consumer respondents were a great value-add.
Camera operation by consumers was generally quite good, and
functioned as a useful companion tool to their in-situ comments in the vehicle for which they were providing
feedback.  Respondent commitment was
good, with consumers providing both verbal and visual input.  Consumers took hold of the conversations,
embellishing on the questions market researchers asked.   The video quality was sufficient to give a
‘living with it’ feeling, and was not distracting.
With mobile engrained in our lives, Nina illustrated how
easy it is to see and hear ‘first hand’ what the consumer experienced.  Market researchers could be engaged with
respondents throughout their assignments. 
Responses are provided on the consumers’ schedule, and there were no
geographic limitations.
Overall, this was an excellent presentation with practical
tips about using mobile devices to conduct market research. The high quality
illustration of the concepts presented underscored the strength of this
approach’one that consumers seemed to enjoy. 
This was a fantastic session.  Check out Nina’s contact information and learn more. 
 ~Gigi DeVault
Market Research Guide