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Reaching your customers through Facebook

The Social Media Examiner recently posted an article that looked at you can properly target your customers through Facebook. With over 200 million daily users, the article states that over 3.5 million people become a fan of something every day. With an open platform for all to see what is being talked about on your webpage, word can travel fast about the quality of your product.

The article shares just a few things you can do on Facebook to target those customers who have sought you out:
* Share an interesting article on your Page to engage your fans
* Comment on posts on your Page to communicate with your fans
* Update your Page to generate a story about it in your fans’ News Feeds
* Create a Discussion section on your Page to interact directly with fans
* Create or join a Group related to your industry to find more fans
* Create an Event related to your business to meet fans
* Create a Marketplace to sell your products on Facebook